In A Tough Spot? Call On Your LG Ally

Iron Man 2 opens in theaters and IMAX today and LG is ready, thanks to a little help from Young & Rubicam/New York.

“Trust Me” Gets It More Right Than Wrong

I had really low expectations of “Trust Me”, so I recorded it and didn’t watch it until last night. Then, when I saw the opening scene, with two scruffy 30-something white guys with Starbucks cups in hand and laptop bags slung around their chests, I figured at least the set designers knew what they were […]

The Right Placement

Here’s what you see this week as you leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and head into the Twin Cities: Minneapolis is the site of the Republican Convention next week.

Like Advertising, But With Less Job Security

That every copywriter has a screenplay in her desk is a tired, old cliché. If you’re one of those copywriters, or would like to be one, consider this insightful Adopt A Writer interview with Nina Bargiel, a Guild member with 17 episodes of Lizzie McGuire to her credit. Q. What do you think would surprise […]

NYT Story On Branded Entertainment Takes A Stand

I really don’t have a strong opinion on branded entertainment on TV–it’s really nothing new. But this story in the New York Times, written by Louise Story, certainly has a odd tone to it: One of the more popular tricks — oops, I meant to say tactics — advertisers are using today is branded entertainment, […]

A Real Turkey Of A Guerrilla Marketing Stunt

…and of the funniest sitcom bits ever, IMHO. God, I wish they’d clear all the music rights and get this show back out on DVD.

Drawing Parallels Between The WGA Strike And Agency Woes

The Writers Guild strike is basically a debate about how creative types can (or can’t) make money in the new media era, where content is everywhere. In my new column for Talent Zoo, I take a look at agency compensation and the fact we’re all feeling pinched these days. Since there’s no legitimate quantifiable method […]

The Hollywood Writers Strike

Well, even Tina Fey got on the picket line in New York City yesterday, so you know it’s serious. A few years ago, with a looming baseball strike, I wondered what would happen if advertising creatives had a union. Advertising is a commercial art–just like TV is. But copywriters and art directors don’t have a […]