How To Fix A Broken Pitch Process

Article by Portland-based copywriter, Robert Moss. Why are DDB, TBWA, Deutsch and Leo Burnett not going to pitch Sears? It’s a huge account, they spent $500 million in advertising last year. Because Sears demanded that every agency that pitches them give up ownership of everything they present, whether they win the business or not, and […]

TedxUOregon Offers Advanced Theories And Practices In Advertising And Journalism

This is a guest post from AdPulp Contributor, Charlie Quirk. PORTLAND–A mixed bag of ad industry professionals, educators and students eager to glean nuggets of wisdom from an equally eclectic bag of presenters gathered last Friday for TedxUOregon, held at the University’s Turnbull Center in Portland’s Old Town district. With his luminous silver mane glistening […]

Guest Post: Social Media Marketing Success…Wait For It

The following article is by Charlie Quirk, an account executive at the Overland Agency in Portland Oregon. He’s also the head coach of the Portland Power Australian Rules Football Club. Social Media Marketing Success…Wait For It No marketing conversation today is ever complete without a discussion about social media. These conversations usually feature a rich […]

Don’t Pursue Marketplace Success

The following essay was first published on A Clear Eye and is reproduced here in its entirety by permission of the author, Tom Asacker. Don’t Pursue Marketplace Success One of the most powerful and dangerous mindsets in business today is the mechanistic, Newtonian model of reality. It’s a pervasive myth. Most organizations continue to respond […]

Why Is Advertising So Crappy?

The following essay was first published on The Ad Contrarian and is reproduced here in its entirety by permission of the author, Bob Hoffman. Why Is Advertising So Crappy? Like most sensible people, here at The Ad Contrarian world headquarters we do our best to avoid advertising. This keeps getting harder and harder. Despite all […]

Guest Post: Savannah Unleashes The “Geek”

Editor’s note: This article is by Sloane Kelley, a former colleague and current friend. She stepped in to my shoes when I left BFG Communications last year and is now the agency’s Content Director. She’s also a mover and shaker in Savannah (and beyond), as this guest post clearly indicates. SAVANNAH–Say the word “Savannah” and […]

Guest Post: Twitter’s Offline Cousin

by Daniel Timothy Wood Connecting with someone under 30 these days can often require a text message–that odd, 160 character, acronym laden, Japanese schoolgirl phenomenon that you thought bypassed North America in the 90s. It actually only bypassed your generation…if you’re over 35. Today text messaging is more than kids passing digital notes in class. […]

Guest Post: Jerry Ketel Spiffs His Brand

Editor’s note: Jerry Ketel is one of Portland’s leading figures in the agency business. He runs a firm with his name on the door and he’s President of the Portland Ad Fed. Recently, Ketel attended a class that moved him. Here’s his account. Instead of navel gazing, maybe it’s time to rebrand yourself. Recently, I […]