Pirillo Out Of His Tits (Or Not)

The above ad space can be yours for a mere $20.00. The space belongs to Seattle-based geek, Chris Pirillo. Pirillo reports that 85 people have so far paid to have their message emblazoned on his chest. That’s an extra $1700 in walking around money. Not bad.

Putting Up Walls

If you’re a street artist looking for a blank canvas, Diesel wants to cut you loose on a big wall in Berlin, Germany. The jeans maker is asking artists to submit ideas for the public space via their Temporary Art Award promotion. Following two triumphant assaults on the 360M2 Wall in the center of Milan, […]

More Client Speak: A Bona Fide Advertising Location

Lewis Lazare: It’s not easy trying to be cool in Chicago. As we reported previously, Axe deodorant recently went to a lot of trouble to hire a legitimate local, but unidentified artist to create graffiti mural ads for the product at several locations around the city. But it didn’t take long for a band of […]

Email Is Good Again (Advertising Is Still Bad)

Anti spam solution provider, Mail Frontier, is advertising in bathrooms. Thanks to Room 116 for the post.

Yalies Pitch In To Help A Non-Struggling Luxury Brand

from Rebecca Bolin at Law Meme: A group of undergraduates painted the whole area in front of the main library with a bright Yale blue and white Louis Vuitton

Guerillas Adopted By Toronto Shop

Bensimon-Byrne, a Toronto agency working on Molson, Scotia Bank and Ottawa Renegades, among other accounts, have hired Brendan Watson and Jana Ranjitkumar as a creative team. After meeting with David Rosenberg, creative director at Bensimon-Byrne, Brendan and Jana followed up by baking and delivering a cookie in the shape of the “flying-H” Hyundai logo, an […]

Who’s Your Party Buddy?

Thinking of going out for a few drinks in New York City tonight? “For the average person, gaining entry to a Manhattan night club can be an exquisite form of cruelty. There’s the velvet rope that separates the hip from the hoi polloi. There’s the seething crowd waving worthless invitations and begging for admittance. There’s […]

Working Around The System

Engadget points to this hack, whereby one’s iPod can be made to record high quality audio–something Apple does not want you to do. The hacker says, “I suspect the next version of the iPod won