Monetize Me!

People are thinking a lot about how to monetize “new” media, such as podcasts and blogs. Well, prepare for a game-changing bomb drop right here on AdPulp. What I’m talking about is monetizing old media; namely, me. Case Study: Gavin Gavin is a 14-year-old developmentally disabled boy who lives in my neighborhood. For a few […]

Streets Of Manhattan Home To Guerilla War

Jake Dobkin, publisher of Gothamist, has had it with corporate graffiti. In fact, he says, “Corporate Graffiti Sucks Balls.” I’ve written about this so many times on Gothamist that I’m worried about sounding like a broken record– but apparently the big corporations have not gotten the message. This week, Sony Playstation graffiti pieces have been […]

Window Undressing It’s downtown Augusta’s latest attraction: three young women clad in lingerie who wave to passersby from a store window. The attention-grabbing models were hired by Spellbound, a lingerie store that recently opened on Water Street and is trying to establish its name. Spellbound’s owner, former Cony High School teacher Felicia Stockford, said she came […]

Finding The Humor In Retail Displacement

by Mortierbrigade, Brussels [via AdHunt]

Shut Up And Commute

I used to ride the Brown Line into the Loop, so it was with piqued interest that I followed Adrants pointer to this great piece of front line reporting from the CTA Tatler, a blog that covers Chicago’s rail and bus lines. I ride the brown line from Western to Chicago during rush hour. At […]

Commercial Alert Doesn’t Like All The Buzz It Hears

Today, Commercial Alert, an organization that keeps an eye on excessive commercialization, today sent a 6-page letter to the Federal Trade Commission requesting an official investigation into the various forms of “buzz marketing” that have appeared in the last several years. Commercial Alert’s letter urges the FTC to thoroughly investigate Proctor & Gamble’s Tremor, which […]

Young Republican Gambles On Downtrodden

Benjamin Rogovy of Bumvertising (a scheme to get the word out about Poker Face Book) appeared on the The Daily Show Tuesday night, which may be the best place for him, given the hard-to-take-serious nature of his enterprise. Here’s some of his flimsy argument. Bumvertising™ does not take advantage of beggars; it makes them more […]

The Other Guerilla Marketing

A store owner in New Orleans gets the word out.