Persuasion 101: Lose the ‘Tude

As a student of the persuasive arts, I can’t help but notice how hard it is for “the left” to move people. In fact, politicos are so bad at the art of persuasion, they’re about to be usurped by big business on one of the most important issues of our day–the environment. One of the […]

Fiji’s Politically Charged Waters

Anna Lenzer, on assignment in Fiji for Mother Jones was detained by police, threatened with imprisonment and repeatedly asked to verify her identity despite having a mound of evidence on hand that clearly showed she’s an investigative journalist (are they that rare today, as to be totally unrecognizable?). Her piece for the magazine on Fiji […]

Big Red Gets A Little Green

According to The Oregonian, Portland-based Ecos Consulting is helping The Coca-Cola Co. develop a sustainability program for restaurants that serve the softdrink giant’s products. One simple thing a restaurant or bar can do is unplug their signage. For instance, offers four different no-energy and low-energy signs. also offers a case study on Burgerville, […]

Clever Like A Fox

Fox, a division of News Corp., wants us to “Green it” and “Mean it.” Interesting. I’d like them to remove bias from their anchor lineup. Hmmm… [via Infrastructurist]

Disposable. Just Another Word for Garbage.

Lighting up with a Zippo makes a statement about one’s individual style. Now, thanks to Brunner, lighting up with a Zippo makes another kind of statement that’s equally powerful in the culture today. [via Adrants]

Winners Prefer Green

In case you haven’t set lofty enough goals for yourself this year, you still have two weeks to enter your best ecologically themed advertising campaign in One Show’s Green Pencil competition. Here’s how the organization describes the prize: As history has proven, the power of advertising can do more than just create awareness for a […]

It’s Hard To Skip Through A Field of Daisies, While Wearing Exxon’s Oil-Soaked Boots

Renewable fuels, like solar, wind and biofuels, will grow at a brisk pace but they will account for just 2 percent of the world’s energy supplies by 2030, according to Exxon. The front page of this morning’s Sunday Business section blares a provocative headline, “Green Is for Sissies.” It’s the mantle for a feature piece […]

You Can’t Have Your Hot Dog and Eat It Too

Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals set a new standard in pro sports by building a green stadium for its team. By saving millions of gallons of water, using efficient field lighting, adding a green roof, incorporating recycling at the ballpark and using recycled materials in 20 percent of the ballpark’s construction, the project received LEED […]