One Of The “Beyond Petroleum” Campaign Authors Speaks

Jeroen Bours is the CEO at Darling Agency in New York. But in a past life, he was an ECD at Ogilvy and one of the creators of BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” campaign. He made a comment on today’s Talent Zoo article, “How BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” Branding Strategy Became an Epic Failure”: As one of the […]

Crispin Loves Big Hairy Audacious Goals, But This One’s A Bit Hairier Than Making The King Cool Again

Crispin Porter + Bogusky wants to solve BP’s Deepwater Horizon problem, gratis. According to co-executive creative director, Andrew Keller, the idea of putting the agency to work on solving this oil spill thing, is “so crazy it might work.” Here are some of the ideas floating to the surface: land art : collaborate with land […]

For BP, Environmental Disaster Equals Business Disaster

I haven’t purchased gas or anything else from Exxon since the Valdez spill. Sadly, it’s time to add BP to the list of companies I boycott. According to Los Angeles Times, BP has spent heavily to position itself as an environmentally friendly company, redesigning its logo into a green-and-yellow sunburst and advertising its $4-billion alternative-energy […]

Every Day Is Earth Day

OgilvyEarth, the sustainability practice of Ogilvy & Mather, is circulating a guide for successful green marketing called From Greenwash to Great. “This handbook was developed for marketers who aspire to develop great sustainability-related marketing rooted in authentic activities,” explains Freya Williams, Managing Director of OgilvyEarth. Done right, sustainability-oriented marketing can do more than build brand […]

Earth Day Every Day

Venables Bell & Partners has been studying Americans. One of the things the San Francisco agency found is a strong conscience and individual sense of duty to do their part when it comes to activities related to the green movement. Even though only 20% of respondents classify themselves as “green,” more than 80% of respondents […]

Annie Leonard Can Teach Some Macroeconomics

Hosted by Annie Leonard, the creator of the viral video hit The Story of Stuff, (viewed worldwide over 8 million times), the Story of Cap & Trade is the first in a series of six short films the Story of Stuff Project is releasing over the coming year with Free Range Studios and more than […]

Whatever The Lie, It Will Be Told As Long As We Have The 1st Amendment And Rich Guys Willing To Pay For A Soap Box

When does advocacy work cross the line and become propoganda? I don’t know, but I know it when I see it. Excuse me? Legions of rational minds disagree. With the help of The Washington Post, Eric Berger, a science writer at the Houston Chronicle draws a straight line from the sham known as CO2isGreen to […]

Apple Makes Itself Look Bad In Order To Look Good

According to BusinessWeek, Apple Computer–a company with plenty of critics in the environmental movement–is working to change the debate about carbon emissions. Company executives say that most existing green rankings are flawed in several respects. They count the promises companies make about green plans rather than actual achievements. And most focus on the environmental impact […]