Yes, Arabs Are Mad Because Of Better Fuel Economy

In Israel, the Nissan Tiida apparently gets really good gas mileage. Once you know that, you need not speak Arabic or Hebrew to figure out this spot: Here’s the really big shocker: The Saudis aren’t happy and are threatening a boycott of Nissan.

A Perspective From Where “Smoking A Fag” Is Perfectly OK

Lost amid the big Snickers ad controversy was the fact that Americans complained about an ad being aired in Britain. Here’s a perspective from Britain, written by Paul Shearer, a founding partner of Arnold London: What’s so amazing is that the ads were pulled because of complaints from the US. We Brits are supposed to […]

Unilever Accused Of Campaign For Real Hypocrisy

Thanks to HighJive for spotting this LA Times article spotlighting Unilever, the makers of Dove, Axe, and Fair & Lovely skin whitening products: A consumer group accused Unilever of hypocrisy Tuesday for running conflicting advertising campaigns — one for Dove that praises women and their natural beauty and one for Axe that the group said […]

SpongeBob LeadPants

Good lord…it’s become a daily occurance, the recalling of something made in China. Now, it’s SpongeBob SquarePants address books that are being recalled: An Ohio importer recalled nearly 250,000 SpongeBob Square-Pants address books and journals made in China because the bindings might contain hazardous levels of lead paint, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Wednesday. […]

Selling It Over There So We Don’t Have To Sell It Over Here

Seems that American brands have also invaded Iraq. From USA Today: Many Iraqis are developing a taste for American-brand products, which were banned under Saddam Hussein and are becoming increasingly popular. Rice, salt and canned goods are among the most popular American products at the Al-Ameer market, owner Mohammad Abbas said. “American items have a […]

We’re Huge In Sweden

So I made my debut on Swedish National Radio today, on the show Medierna talking about the 2 Unilever ads that have quite different messages. If you’re curious, click here to listen or download the June 30th show. It’s a 30 minute show, and I appear somewhere around 26 minutes into it. But except for […]

AdPulp Fans In Sweden: Tune In On Saturday

It’s definitely not every day that I get a call from a reporter for Swedish national radio, but the other day, I did. In response to the Dove/Fair And Lovely comparison I wrote about, I was interviewed by Sara Heyman, a reporter for Sveriges Radio, Radio Sweden. I discussed the two ads and the fact […]

Skin Whitening Ad Makes My Skin Crawl

Okay, for decades women all over the world have been guilt-tripped by advertising into changing their looks. But, wow, seeing this spot is just…well…take a look: It’s just so…blatant. I’m guessing the Cannes judges fawning over the Dove “Evolution” spot won’t be talking about the cultural impact of this one. [UPDATE] I didn’t know this: […]