Convincing People They’re Inadequate Isn’t A Hairy Situation In China

Anyone who’s studied the history of advertising knows that back in the first half of the 20th century, it was quite common to sell health and beauty products based on people’s fear of appearing less attractive or inadequate. Now, as consumerism spreads throughout poorer and third world countries, we’re seeing that technique used all over […]

So Much Better Than A “Like” On Facebook

Eyeglasses purveyor, Warby Parker, did something right. We know this because Marsha, a customer from New Orleans, conveyed her brand love in a box of goodies from the Crescent City. I’ll take beignets from Cafe Du Monde over a Facebook “Like” every time.

Backseat Brats Are Universal. Not Sure The Solution is, Though.

It’s a clever idea. However…I don’t know what country this Mazda spot was broadcast in, but I can only imagine the howls of child advocates in America if this spot aired here: You can see this spot and other ads from around the world at TBS’ VeryFunnyAds site. UPDATE: It’s a British spot from 2005. […]

Wanted: A Washing Machine With A Turnip Rinse Cycle

While American ad types drone on and on about social media, iPads and crowdsourcing, marketers in emerging markets are solving more basic problems when it comes to reaching consumers. The Economist has a fascinating look at some of the efforts: The most difficult trick of all is what some call “straddling the pyramid” or “playing […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Portland’s Answer to South By

MusicFestNW is happening later this week in Portland, which as you may know, is a magnet for indie bands. Last year, we saw M. Ward, Britt Daniel, Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Anders Parker care of MFNW. This year, we hope to see Helio Sequence, Arctic Monkeys, Viva Voce and The Long Winters, among […]

Want To Piss Off The Gods? Fine, Have It Your Way

Burger King seems to be having lots of trouble with its overseas ads. The Huffington Post explains: The ad, which appeared in Spain, shows the goddess Lakshmi sitting above a beef burger. The ‘Texican Whopper’ is an affront to Hindu sensitivities in its own right – it includes an all-beef patty, a beef chilli-con-carne slice, […]

Would Obama Eat His Fingers?

Barack Obama is a skinny dude, and a bit of a health nut from what I hear, so I’m not sure this new German frozen food will appear on the White House menu. Der Spiegel has more: We noticed that American products and the American way of eating are trendy at the moment,” Judith Witting, […]

Selling America To The Foreigners

The New York Sun takes a look at former DDB CEO Keith Reinhard’s efforts to promote America overseas: Though some of the worldwide antipathy toward America stems from unpopular policies, Mr. Reinhard says it is not a matter of simply a feel-good issue — Businesses are being hurt by our sagging reputation. In an increasingly […]