A Bilingual Tide Spot? Sí.

So I’m zoned out here watching “Seinfeld” reruns when this spot comes up: Gotta admit, it’s a pretty good way to grab viewers’ attention. Even that of a gringo like myself.

Convincing People They’re Inadequate Isn’t A Hairy Situation In China

Anyone who’s studied the history of advertising knows that back in the first half of the 20th century, it was quite common to sell health and beauty products based on people’s fear of appearing less attractive or inadequate. Now, as consumerism spreads throughout poorer and third world countries, we’re seeing that technique used all over […]

Consumers Are Everywhere—Forgetting That Will Get Us Nowhere

I had no idea how ridiculously accurate “Portlandia” was until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. So do marketers account for the regional differences that still exist in our country? Should they? I once had a client that operated a business with multiple locations around the country. While the national clients were always looking for […]

Can Boycotts Be Good For Advertising?

Today in Seattle, Starbucks received a giant thank-you card for its support of same-sex marriage. Despite an attempted boycott by the National Organization for Marriage, Starbucks got a look at who its true fans were. So do boycotts work? How can advertisers and agencies respond to boycotts? Consumers aren’t always consistent in what brands they […]

Marketers Aim To Skew Young. Very Young.

How far will marketers go to make a brand impression? Apparently, all the way to the crib. I’d love to hear from the parents of toddlers, because this Adweek article about marketing to newborns and 2-3 year-olds sounds pretty sleazy: Licensed characters, of course, have been plastered on packaged foods, toys, and every piece of […]

Is “American-Made” A Big Selling Point?

Over at MarketingForecast.com, they’re taking a look at an increasing desire on the part of American consumers to seek out domestic goods. New research shows that the Made-In-America message is selling particularly well to affluent consumers. In the past 2 years, the number of well-to-do consumers who are buying products manufactured in America factories rose […]

Mark Penn Thinks We Can’t Build A Road

Yeah, I’m admittedly no fan of Mark Penn, a former advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign, but in this Wall Street Journal editorial, he is kinda sorta somewhat concerned about the plight of the “Creative Class” and other white-collar jobs in this economy: We are totally unprepared for this new phenomenon. We have safety nets […]

Irish Eyes Won’t Be Smiling

If you think Americans are somewhat puritanical when it comes to marketing standards, consider this report from Ireland: The Irish College of Psychiatrists say Irish children are exposed to high levels of alcohol advertising with virtually all sporting events linked to alcohol products. They are calling for a complete ban on all promotion of alcohol. […]