What A Girl Wants

Here’s a tip: Getting a girl to desire your product isn’t that different from getting a girl to desire you. So if it didn’t work in your dating life, don’t try it in your print ad. So says This BusinessWeek article about marketing to teenage girls. It was written by 3iYing, an all-female market and […]

They Leave The Empty Kegs On The Cutting Room Floor

Today’s Slate takes a look at the promotional ads colleges insert into football telecasts. If you’re a college football fan, no doubt you’ve seen these and had a good chuckle over them. The ads typically run for 30 seconds during halftime. As state-school spokespersons are quick to point out, colleges don’t pay for the airtime—the […]

Lubricants Are Advertising On Video Games. No, Not Those Lubricants.

I knew the trend of advertising in video games was catching on, but the product range is getting quite interesting. As Reuters reports: When BP Lubricants USA wanted to raise the profile of its high-performance Castrol Syntec motor oil with ever-elusive young male consumers, it followed them into a popular racing video game. Like its […]

Cool Chasers Court Fickle Teens

The New York Times: Marketers spend a lot of time figuring out what teenagers want. Teenagers are their most desirable and fickle demographic, the arbiters of cool who set trends, influence brand health and part with their discretionary income most freely. So as part of Advertising Week 2005, interactive advertising agencies tried to answer the […]

Not Your Grandfather’s Financial Rag

Forbes Magazine and its competitors can’t simply sell to old white men in suits. Not if they want to grow revenue, that is. Yet, I question whether an ad that would be at home in Skateboarding is the way to go. The ad from Merkley and Partners reads: No salary earning, old underpants wearing, billionaire […]

Grannys Get Email

Brand Noise: Internet users from the ages of 12 to 17 say e-mail is best for talking to parents or institutions, but they are more likely to fire up IM when talking to each other, the nonprofit Pew Internet and American Life Project found. Email is still used by 90 percent of online teens but […]

Oxymoron Of The Moment: Skank Chic

The Observer: Kate Moss’s very public scrap with Pete Doherty – which took place apres the Paris couture shows on a London-bound Eurostar train on Wednesday night – was much more than a mere row. It was a fashion statement. photo courtesy of Sakura Moss and Doherty are riding the vanguard of skank chic. It’s […]

Celebrating Celebrity Knows No Bounds

Thanks to Preshrunk for the pointer.