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Weird But True: Organic Produce Brand Plants In Virtual Soil

In breaking in-game advertising news, Cascadian Farm, which started selling organic crops grown in the Upper Skagit Valley in Washington State nearly 40 years ago, has teamed with FarmVille, the incredibly popular virtual farming game inside of Facebook. According to The New York Times: FarmVille will, for the first time, offer its pretend farmers a […]

Gamification, Second Cousin To Californication

Last week we took up game theory in this space. Today, with the help of Reuben Steiger, CEO of social media agency Millions of Us, we’re looking at game mechanics, and the impact these mechanics can have on marketing. Writing in Ad Age, Steiger says: Today, the research on buying behavior is beginning to be […]

adidas Wants You To Pick A Superhero And Play The Game

The Quest, a multi-platform campaign created by adidas and 180 Amsterdam/RIOT invites football fans to engage, interact and converse with other fans from all over the world during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event. The adidas World Cup trailer leads to the brand’s Facebook page where 32 players, one for each […]

Massive ROI

Nick Eaton, the Microsoft reporter for Seattle Post-Intelligencer picked up on this case study that shows how well in-game advertising worked for the company’s Bing search engine. According to Eaton, “Microsoft surprised itself when it took a look at a recent Bing ad campaign within Xbox 360 games.” Integration with the content of the games […]

Game-Based Marketing: A Look At All The Way Marketers Engage Us

I must confess, I don’t consider myself much of a gamer. At least not since I left my Atari 2600 behind. I do have a Wii, and I never play it. But there’s no denying that we live in a culture where all sorts of games, electronic or not, are ubiquitous–because all of us who […]

Bing Finds Friends In The Psuedo Agrarian Movement

This page on Facebook has more than 22 million fans. I had no idea virtual farming was insanely popular. Thankfully, Brian Morrissey of Adweek is helping me catch up. Microsoft found a potent way to make friends on Facebook: offer users of hyper-popular social game FarmVille virtual currency. The in-game offer on Tuesday resulted in […]

Soap So Strong It Washes The Web

I’m really glad Gavin Mevius of took the time to describe the inner workings of, a digital promo from Axe Bodywash, a.k.a. Lynx, because my brain might have blown a gasket trying to decode it. The experience starts on a fake Men’s Magazine known as Ralph, set to a remix of KiD CuDi’s […]