Ad Grunts Want To Work for Pay, Time Off and Coffee (Not Trophies)

Advertising is a glamorous industry. Or so it may seem to some from the outside looking in, partly due to how the industry is portrayed in TV shows, film and lifestyle press. Of course, there are ad people enjoying a corner office with views of the San Francisco Bay or the equivalent, but they’re in […]

Don’t Kill The Copywriter: A Short Guide to Treating Freelancers Like Human Beings

Editor’s Introduction: This is our first piece from Joel Wayne, a writer and director in Boise. He’s chosen to explore a topic that is near and dear to us. The great majority of creative people in advertising have worked freelance at one time or another, and have suffered the indignities common to the position. It’s […]

We’re All Contractors, Some Of Us Just Have Longer/Better Contracts

Lance Jensen, Chief Creative Officer at Hill Holliday in Boston, seems like a guy I would get along with and enjoy working for. But his comments below about freelancing lead me to question both my present path and the validity of his argument. Jensen says a creative needs to have “skin in the game.” That […]

Bill On Value, Hold Your Head High And Create Intellectual Property

How many of you consider yourselves to be consultants? I’m guessing almost all of you are consultants. Sure, your business card says Creative Director or Account Executive or Media Buyer, but in the broadest sense of the term, all of those jobs are consulting roles. With that in mind, let’s consider some interesting points made […]

You’re Creative, Yes, But You Also Have A Business To Run

Robert Bowen of Dead Wings Designs challenges freelancers to get out of their right brain in order to focus on non-creative, but essential, business tasks. In his Smashing Magazine article, “Creatively Handling the Admin Side of Freelancing,” Bowen outlines five key areas of concern: Scheduling, Accounting, Correspondence, Client Relations, and Backups and Updates. Here’s some […]

Have You Hugged Your Freelancer Today?

Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog reflects on his agency’s use of freelance talent, and how it differs from the way mainstream agencies hire freelancers. We worked with some of the best talent – all out of courage while the corporate agencies used them out of fear, never willingly admitting that they had freelancers […]

Freelance Job Boards Versus Your Contact List

More than 14.8 million people were self-employed last year, accounting for about 12 percent of the private, nonfarm work force, according to Steve Hipple, an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of them appear to be registered with, an online marketplace for freelance talent in several categories–sales and marketing being one. According […]