Paying Attention To Paid

I’m happy to see that Kansas City based marketing consultant and entrepreneur John Jantsch believes in paid content. As an industry, content producers need to find ways to recapture the value in their content, discover the proper way to package it, build multiple streams of residual income with membership communities and we’ll all be better […]

Free Content Is The Sampler, And The Sampler Is Running Dry

Thom Chambers of In Treehouses made a guest post on SocialMouths about the need for remarkable content and how to get paid to produce it. How Your Blog is Like Wikipedia Blogging has become boring. It’s not remarkable that you’re writing really good posts a few times a week, putting in hours of your spare […]

Again With The Free Versus Paid Dilemma

Jason Fried of 37signals doesn’t work for free and he sees no reason for me, or you, to do so. Here’s an excerpt from his latest thought piece on Inc. Never be afraid to put a price on something. If you pour your heart into something and make it great, sell it. For real money. […]

Wheaton Blasts Anderson Out of His Cannon In Media Free-For-All

Ken Wheaton of Ad Age is not impressed by Chris Anderson. In fact, he says the Wired editor, circuit speaker and author is “less intellectually curious than George ‘Dubya’ Bush.” In response to an interview with Anderson in Spiegel–where Anderson says he doesn’t use the words journalism, media or news anymore–Wheaton writes: Perhaps if Chris […]

Free Your Mind of Any And All Ideas About Free

I’m pleased to see someone as prominent as Malcolm Gladwell take Chris Anderson’s new book, Free apart at the binding. Here’s a passage from Gladwell’s book review in The New Yorker: His advice is pithy, his tone uncompromising, and his subject matter perfectly timed for a moment when old-line content providers are desperate for answers. […]

This Shit Ain’t Free

Xiaochang Li, a researcher at MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium, rightly wants to define what “free” means in our digitally-driven culture. In 2008, editor Chris Anderson proclaimed “free” to be “the future of business” (Anderson 2008) on the web. But the word “free” means to be exempt from something, so in calling these things free, […]