Easy Listening for Advertising Addicts

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. 21% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month. That is up from 17% in 2015. With one in five Americans tuning in, advertising pros are taking notice and grabbing the mic. According to Digiday, “Ad agencies have caught podcast fever.” Digiday highlights and […]

Free Idea for Tracy Marks

Here at AdPulp, we sometimes like to take up what we perceive to be a worthy, or otherwise interesting, corporate and/or civic cause. For instance, The Oregonian is reporting that Portland’s downtown Hilton will be closing for four weeks this winter due to a frightening lack of bookings. This is a property that the newspaper […]

Free Idea for Si Newhouse: Sell the Domain for Seven Figures

News of another newspaper or magazine folding is so commonplace today, one barely takes notice of yet another title lying belly up. Yet, let’s pause for a moment on this news… According to The New York Times, Portfolio, a business magazine that Condé Nast began publishing in April 2007 with much fanfare, will cease publication […]

Free Idea for Irene Rosenfeld

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a contribution from a veteran food marketer who prefers to remain anonymous. Looking for a line extension or a new niche business? Oceanspray is abandoning their Cran-Fruit product, both the cran-orange and the cran-raspberry. This is a great shelf stable product packaged in 12-ounce plastic containers with a paperboard over-wrap and […]

Free Idea for Dan Wieden

What’s wrong with this picture? A – The man’s name is spelled wrong B – The man has but one “connection” C – The man simply has no need for social networks On this last point, I’d like to linger. I have no idea if the real Dan Wieden signed up to use LinkedIn. Maybe […]

Free Idea for Ted Turner

Have you had a chance to dine on bison at Ted’s Montana Grill? I was in Omaha earlier this month, where I had the Kansas City Strip prepared medium. What an outstanding dish. I liked the bison steak so much, in fact, I want to buy some of Ted’s National Bison Association-certified meats for preparation […]

Free Idea for Howard Schultz

For any brand that builds community in real life, doing so online is a natural. Starbucks wants to be your community gathering spot. In many cases, it is. But I feel Starbucks has a ways to go online. Here’s what I can “discover” about my local Starbucks on the company’s site: I’d like to discover […]