Can Agencies In Blue States Relate To Shoppers In Trump’s America?

Do the coastal elites who work in Manhattan and L.A. ad agencies truly understand what motivates the people in the middle of the nation to buy hamburgers, life insurance policies, and pickup trucks? Clearly, the best of them do. Carl’s Jr., for instance, runs sexist ads made by award-winning creatives from 72andsunny in Southern California. […]

Laphroaig Scotch Welcomes Your Opinion In Socially Powered Sampling Campaign

With Halloween just around the corner, Laphroaig Scotch is getting in the spirit. Let’s hear these unscripted, somewhat spooktacular, focus group responses to the unique taste of Laphroaig. To pair with the video, Laphroaig has also created a new cocktail to enjoy this Halloween. Laphroaig Trick or Treat Ingredients: 1 1/2 parts Laphroaig 10-Year-Old Single […]

For Best Results, Align The Brand Truth With The Audience’s Inner Truths

I like it when advertising pros get intentional with their language and say it like it is. Witness the words of Douglas Van Praet, Group Planning Director for the Volkswagen account at Deutsch L.A. and author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing: Whenever I hear the word “consumer,” a term unavoidable […]

Marketing Is Not All Science; Hence, The Need For Gut Checks and Gutsy Calls

Focus groups are a waste of perfectly good M&Ms. But for clients it’s often a different story, since it is their money on the line. And when a client plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying up media space on TV, the risk, and therefore the extreme caution, is even greater. Enter, Lisa […]

Give Advertisers Some Backtalk

Last Monday, I tipped back a couple beers with Daniel Honigman, co-founder of AdYapper, a new venture in the consumer ad space. The site is beginning to emerge from stealth mode and move into beta at this time. Honigman isn’t looking for coverage here just yet (he spoke to me off the record). But he […]

Listen To The Consumer’s Unconscious Mind

Countless billions have been spent on consumer research, but author Phillip Graves believes it’s a waste. “Consumer behavior is a by-product of the unconscious mind, whereas research is inherently a conscious process,” explains Graves. “The truth is that we are far less consciously involved in and aware of our consumer actions than we like to […]

The Lowly Focus Group Gets A Hand Up From The Crowd

According to their website Napkin Labs is “a community of Gen-Y entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and generally brilliant individuals with a passion for developing great products and services.” Napkin Labs is also the subject of a New York Times feature on “tapping the wisdom of the crowd.” The paper reports that Napkin Labs, which typically charges […]

Agency Types Turn To The Academy For Answers

George Parker is not going to like this. Draftfcb is opening the Institute of Decision Making, devoted to finding out more about the instinctual ways that consumers behave along with the rational and emotional ones. The unit will concentrate on emerging fields like behavioral economics and neuroscience. The institute has formed ties with assistant professors […]