Meet The Media Neutral Brand Chiropractor

Event Design Magazine featured Eduardo Braniff, the ceo and creative director of Imagination USA in March, but I just stumbled across the article yesterday. Braniff on left Describing his firm, Braniff says, “Being a consultancy reinforces us to be, first and foremost, a thought-leading enterprise. It’s a deliberate use of language. We solve problems, craft […]

In B2B Circles, Event Income Outpaces Ad Revenue

Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0 points to some interesting data from Media Daily News: In a milestone symbolic of the shifts taking place across all media, business-to-business media can no longer be described as the “trade press.” That’s because print advertising now represents a minority of the revenues generated by business-to-business media companies. According to […]

No Such Thing As A Freelance Ambassador

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire points out that the term “brand ambassador” has variable meanings. Since Spike’s preferred definition is on the lofty side, it rattles him that there is a seedier side to the term. This weekend I received an email from a woman who wanted to offer her “brand ambassador” services, plus […]

Bogged Down In NYC/CHI/LA

Ocean Spray, an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 650 cranberry growers, is embarking on an ambitious event maketing campaign in New York City today. “Bogs Across America” which will also visit Chicago and Los Angeles, recreates cranberry bogs in the nation’s most urbanized landscapes, so city dwellers can enjoy the annual fall harvest first […]

Red Bull’s Air Show

The Red Bull Air Race is an exciting competition in which the world’s most talented pilots are up against each other in a race based on speed, precision and skill.The competition features a dynamic new discipline of flying, called ‘air racing’ where the objective is to navigate a challenging obstacle course in the sky in […]

Face Time With The News Brand

The New York Times looks (perhaps with jealousy or maybe with bewilderment) at CNN’s move into event marketing. CNN is seeking to bring its brand to life beyond the TV, PC and cellphone screens by forming a division devoted to event marketing. The new CNN Events division, under the auspices of the advertising sales department, […]

Now Onstage: Live Ads

From the AP: Actors will take the stage in Dublin, Ireland, next week, but don’t expect to see anything by Brian Friel or Sean O’Casey. It’s a commercial, a live commercial, by the city of London, in a bid to attract more visitors. Pauline McLynn, who starred as the housekeeper, Mrs. Doyle, in the TV […]

Forget MySpace. Enter MyRace.

Crown Royal currently lets customers personalize a product label and/or the blue chamois bag the bottle comes wrapped in. The blended whisky maker is now taking this concept to the next level, by allowing for personalization of one of the brand’s signature events. According to ESPN, one lucky NASCAR fan will have his or her […]