It’s A Book. It’s An App. It’s Do or Die And It’s Innovative.

It took me nearly a year to finally get my book ready to publish on Amazon, so it was interesting to hear the backstory behind Do or Die, the new app/e-book/something by Clark Kokich, the Chairman of Razorfish. Co-written with Larry Asher of Worker Bees, Do or Die looks at the way advertising and marketing […]

Hyperink Brings Some “How To” To eBook Publishing

Kevin Gao, a former consultant at McKinsey, wrote a 90-page tract he called The Consulting Bible about how to get a job at McKinsey and began selling the e-book at $25 apiece. Last year, he says, the title made more than $100,000. According to BusinessWeek, Gao’s success motivated him to start a company to help […]

Read AdPulp on Your Kindle

Are you a big fan of your Kindle? Amazon’s e-readers are gaining more and more traction. Which is good for readers and content providers alike. We’ve been offering Kindle subscriptions since January 2010, and while the number of paid subscribers is still small, its trending in the right direction and I expect to see our […]

Ad-Stimulated Moments of Truth Explored in Marketing eBook From Google Exec

According to The New York Times, Winning the Zero Moment of Truth is a new eBook by Jim Lecinski, Google’s Managing Director of US Sales & Service. In a phone interview with the Times, Mr. Lecinski explained that the title is a play on a phrase that is beloved by Procter & Gamble, “the first […]