See A Cool Ad Banner? Keep It!

You know all the display ads that you never bother to look at? Now you can start collecting them in an online scrapbook of sorts. Go ahead and dance! According to Business Insider, the company behind this online innovation is called AdKeeper. Here’s how AdKeeper talks about its new product: With one simple click of […]

Free Your Mind And The Banner Ad Will Follow

Mitch Spolan, Yahoo!’s Vice President of North American Field Sales, wants us to approach the digital ad space like the blank canvas that it is. He wants us to spatter paint on it, chew on it and maybe bleed on it. Presumably, because he’ll be more able to sell our creative output when we really […]

The Google Puts Its Display Advertising Front And Center

The Google is unveiling a new 35-foot-wide, 13-foot-tall billboard in Times Square today. According to The New York Times, the billboard will stand low to the ground and invite passers-by to touch it and watch videos about the display ad business. The billboard is part of Google’s broader ad campaign called Watch This Space, which […]

VCs and Technologists Dream Of A Better Day, Meanwhile Banner Ads Still Bite

Whoa is the lowly banner ad that no one wants to see or click on. But let’s not get all weepy just yet. According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, help is on the way. …tens of millions of dollars in venture capital is flowing into ad technology. Investors are betting that a market the Interactive […]

Digital Semantics: One Man’s Banner Is Another Man’s Display Ad

I’m confused by this bit of news from MediaWeek: will roll out a sweeping redesign that encapsulates what publisher and general manager Charlie Tillinghast called “a major rethinking of what a news site is.” At the heart of that redesign is a philosophy that Web pages needn’t be text centric, and that Web ads […]

I Am The Long Tail

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has been lobbying Congress on behalf of small business owners (who can collectively be called “the long tail,” at least by members of the digerati). “The Long Tail Alliance is an army of entrepreneurs who have created businesses powered by interactive advertising, and their ranks are growing every day,” said Randall […]

Have Popular Digital Media Property, Will Travel

At least four interested parties appear to have submitted bids for Newsweek, the magazine that The Washington Post Company put up for sale on May 5th. We will see how that pans out. In the meantime, digital media properties continue to be scooped up at a brisk pace. According to the The Wall Street Journal, […]