See The Problem, Fix The Problem

First-Stop is a new portfolio site for illustrators and photogs. Its aim is decidedly ecological, as First Stop wants to reduce the volume of printed promotional materials in circulation. According to GOOD, First Stop will feature photogs and illustrators on their site, but only when they pledge to significantly reduce the amount of paper promotional […]

Direct Response Stimulates Trojan Sales

Who says the classic TV commercial is dead? Go ahead, try to avoid this trainwreck. Clicking Video, Mobile And Social Boxes

Seattle-based retailer, Nordstrom, which operates 193 stores in 28 states, is investing in its online store. Seattle Times reports that Nordstrom’s new site–three years in the making–promises easier navigation, bigger photos and a prominent place where people can express their thoughts about the latest trends. Executive Vice President Jamie Nordstrom, who oversees the company’s direct […]

American Family Is Pioneering Trackable Advertainment, Proving That It Helps Sell insurance

American Family Insurance has no gecko, but they the company’s marketing pros do have a clue. According to Ad Age, the brand’s content play, “In Gayle We Trust,” is now entering its second season with an even stronger focus on targeting and tracking new customers. American Family is also bring gaming to the forefront with […]

Cannes Is For Closers

The New York Times and Adfreak are highlighting this self-promo campaign from Ogilvy One. Ogilvy execs apparently believe that salesmanship is a lost art. One they intend to find and revive. Rory Sutherland, vice chairman for the British operations of Ogilvy & Mather, said, “There’s an interesting case to be made that advertising has strayed […]

Brand Loyalty Is Tough To Measure, Until You Convert It Into Sales

James Cherkoff of Modern Marketing has a new and interesting take on David Ogilvy’s admonition, “We sell, or else.” That most crucial aspect of markets and marketing, the Point-Of-Purchase (P-o-P) is changing quickly and in some very surprising ways. In doing so, this shift is throwing light on some long-standing weaknesses of the marketing industry, […]

Digital Provides Manufacturers A Direct Path To Consumers

Procter & Gamble and e-commerce provider PFSweb will begin operating an online store this month. Named the eStore, the online shopping site will be owned and operated by PFSweb and exclusively feature P&G products to consumers in the U.S. “We are very excited about the eStoreā€Ÿs potential to reach more consumers and create new online […]

Email Can Compliment But Not Entirely Replace Real Mail

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how promotional marketing is benefiting greatly from advances in digital media. Now, thanks to this The Wall Street Journal piece, I can see the same might be true for direct mail. “The introduction of new media has forced [business owners] to go back and revisit the whole playbook […]