For A Small Retainer, You Can Have Lab Rats Chew On Your Marcom Problems

Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting on a new business model for Work Labs, the agency led by Cabell Harris. The article describes Work Labs’ compensation model and their outsourced talent pool. Harris will ask clients to pay his agency a small retainer each quarter. For that retainer, Work Labs will present new marketing ideas to clients […]

Is The Art of Getting Paid The Greatest Art of All?

Talenthouse wants to liberate all artists, which I guess makes them a crowdsourcer with a conscience. I might be suspicious, but one thing jumped out at me right away–the amount of money clients are paying for Talenthouse solutions. BBH and its client ila DUSK are offering $6500 in prize money and an internship at BBH/London […]

Make This Van Sing

Victor & Spoils, “the world’s first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles,” is conducting a contest for its client DISH Network. 99 Designs is hosting the contest, whose aim it is to “develop a creative look and message for DISH Network installation vans in order to attract new customers.” Five winners will be awarded […]

Cliff Freeman Has Known Victory And The Spoils Derived From It

Two unrelated events in Adlandia last week say something about the shifting sand under our collective feet. The first is word that Cliff Freeman & Partners has skidded to an inglorious stop. The second bit is news that two former Crispinis have joined with a gaming exec to form a crowdsourcing agency called Victors & […]

Big Writeup in The Times On Pandora’s Musical Geekery

New York Times Magazine columnist Rob Walker busted out of his “Consumed” column this week with an in-depth feature on Pandora, one of the leading players in streaming radio. Walker’s piece is an interesting look at how far radio has evolved in 100 years. He also notes how Pandora’s particular use of technology (which determines […]

You’ve Done The Work. Now Decide The Jury.

I’m not a big fan of industry award shows. But The Andy Awards are bringing a new twist in 2010 that’s well worth noting. Via Elect the Jury, the Andys aims to provide “the first globally crowd-sourced group of judges, that truly represents where we are headed as an industry.” As you can see in […]

Canadian Celebrity Steve Nash and 50 Cent Appear In Fake Informercial For Real Promotion

Want to create a new flavor of vitaminwater? Great. The brand is asking its fans to help develop the next vitaminwater flavor which will be sold in stores in the spring of 2010. [via Make the Logo Bigger]

Maybe Agencies Do Have Reason To Fear The Crowd

The other day I mentioned that I’d look into Ed Cotton’s claim that Unilever brand, Peperami, dropped their agency of record in favor of a more democratic process. Indeed, they did. The pork sausage snack brand is now teamed with Idea Bounty of South Africa to crowdsource the concept for an upcoming campaign. Unilever has […]