A Tale Of Two Spots

Here’s a recent Dish Network spot made by the upstart “crowdsourcing” agency Victors And Spoils. Here’s a DirecTV spot made by a “BDA”, Grey New York. Two competing spots, for competing services, made by two very different types of ad agencies. So is this a good comparison of the creative output of these business models? […]

Crispin Spinoff Gets On Their Harley And Rides

Crowdsourcing agency Victor & Spoils is busy doing spec work for Harley-Davidson on the heels of the company’s split with Carmichael Lynch, their agency for 31 years. According to V&S’s John Winsor: We love the Harley-Davidson brand (just like most everyone). And we’ve talked to a bunch of our creatives and strategists (I dare say […]

The Lowly Focus Group Gets A Hand Up From The Crowd

According to their website Napkin Labs is “a community of Gen-Y entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and generally brilliant individuals with a passion for developing great products and services.” Napkin Labs is also the subject of a New York Times feature on “tapping the wisdom of the crowd.” The paper reports that Napkin Labs, which typically charges […]

Creatives Now Have Their Workplace And An Extended Online Network For Side Jobs

Like Victors & Spoils and Lab Rats before it, GiantHydra is a new kind of collaborative environment for creative professionals. Developed by Ignacio Oreamuno of ihaveanidea.org, the online community of creative professionals, or “Mass Collaboration Unit,” is now ready for use by early adopter clients interested in tapping the power of the crowd (a word […]

Crowdsourcing The New Substrate Of Exploitation, Or Deliverer From Evil? You Decide.

Dan Robles is the Director of The Ingenesist Project, a private think tank in Seattle. One of the things he’s thinking deeply about is what crowdsourcing means for the emerging economy and the workers who perform Human Intelligence Tasks. Turking is a phenomenon of crowdsourcing where people perform simple tasks on-line for money. Highly intellectual […]

Moonlighters Plucked From The Crowd To Create New DISH Network TV

Victors & Spoils’ new campaign for DISH Network marks its first full-scale effort using crowdsourced creative concepts and scripts. Hmmm…these spots look like any other spots of questionable quality. In other words, V&S has yet to prove their proprietary “directing and curating” creative process delivers better work. But it’s a new shop with a new […]

Monday Meditation: Beyond Social Media, There Is Social Production

John Willshire, Head of Innovation at PHD Media in London asks, “How do you socialize production?” He says the answers to this question add up to a new “blueprint for the communications industry.” His point is we need to stop searching for the one big idea that can be communicated in a mass channel. In […]

Social Media Strategy Fits The Kitzhaber Brand

Provide Oregonians a free undergraduate education. Create a state-run micro-loan program for Oregon startups. And help strengthen the creative economy. These are some of the ideas Oregonians are providing to John Kitzhaber, who is running for Governor in 2010. Ben Jacklet at Oregon Business writes: The Kitzhaber campaign’s website for ideas has received dozens of […]