Bargain Hunters Like To Find n Save

A consortium of newspapers are offering bargain-hunting shoppers an alternative to Groupon and Living Social. The Find n Save platform is tailored to local audiences, offering digital coupons, daily deals, digital circulars, and other advertising products designed and managed by the local affiliate for maximum impact. Find n Save is available to any local daily […]

Digital Circulars Aim To Make Coupons More Mobile

Since I just moved to Seattle, my girlfriend and I bought actual hard copy editions of the Seattle Times on the off-chance there’d be some coupons or sales we could know about to get the bric-a-bric we need for our home. Turned out, there wasn’t much in there, making printed papers even less relevant to […]

Coupons! One More Reason To Open And Inspect Your Bank Statement

This is going to push some privacy buttons. According to The New York Times, your bank statement is about to become yet another frontier in the coupon-loaded advertising game. A company called BillShrink has worked with more than 2,000 banks to offer a new service — part loyalty card, part daily deal — called Statement […]

Obsessive Compulsive Couponing Disorder (OCCD) Rewarded At The Check Out Counter

If you think Groupon and Living Social is extreme couponing, turn the channel to TLC. I did last night and happened upon a new American sport. Take a look…

Hire Crispin, Ruffle Feathers

Coupons are on fire. I suppose we needn’t be surprised–coupons tap a basic consumer instinct to save money. Yet, the meteoric rise of Living Social and Groupon is a story that’s hard to fully grasp. In a little over two years, Groupon, the Chicago company stared by Andrew Mason, 30, a former rock band keyboardist, […]

If They’re Good Enough For Howard Gossage And David Ogilvy, They’re Good Enough For You

How popular are coupons today? They’re so incredibly popular people are BUYING them left and right. In fact, Business Insider reports that sold a whopping 1.5 million coupons nationwide in just 48 hours by telling consumers they were getting in on a Groupon-like deal. The Insider notes that felt the need to frame […]

Groupon Knows Consumers Want A Deal, Makes It Easy For Small Business To Offer Said Deals

I finally joined purveyor of daily deals, Groupon, tonight and I was amazed to find how well it’s working for some local Portland restaurants. Wild Abandon recently sold 2861 $12 Groupons, while Elephants Delicatessen sold 7206 $7 deals. Groupon uses the power of the crowd to drive prices down and volume up–the deal doesn’t go […]

Today In Twitterverse: Coupon Finders

CheapTweet and CouponTweet are mentioned in a SmartMoney article on companies utilizing social media to offer price incentives to customers–a very prudent use of the platform, in my opinion. I think we’ll see many more Twitter aggregators like the two above. It’s simply too hard to find things in the stream. The incoming Tweets come […]