Juggle This: Brand Curated, Produced And Sponsored Content

John Winsor, CEO of Boulder-based crowdsourcing agency Victor & Spoils tells an interesting story on his personal blog about a friend who in the outdoor equipment industry. According to Winsor, his friend’s company is well supported by its customers, some of whom have posted popular fanmercials on YouTube. (Yes, I just made that word up.) […]

When Crowdsourcing Is Co-Creation

According to Ad Age, Kraft Foods has scored a hit for its Lacta chocolate bar in Greece by crowdsourcing a 27-minute branded-entertainment film, involving the audience in everything from writing the story to casting the film and styling the actors. Lacta “Love in Action” – η ταινία from LactaFilms on Vimeo. The plan was to […]

Small Businesses Don’t Like Rogue Consumers’ Negative Opinions

Consumer generated content gets a lot of media attention these days, but there’s one form of CGC that’s generating bad feelings and legal action. According to The New York Times, consumer review site, Yelp, has been hit with three class-action lawsuits from businesses claiming that Yelp sales representatives tried to press the businesses into advertising […]

Consumers Who Make Commercials Are Not Typical Consumers

Shannon Stephaniuk of Glossy was just saying the other day how tired she is of Doritos’ user generated videos. So when her friend, director Aleysa Young, shared her spot for Doritos Viralcity, she was worried that she’d hate it. But she didn’t.

All The Science I Don’t Understand

The Rocket Project, created for Sony by 180/Los Angeles is world’s most literal product launch. Eight high school science students are being given Sony VAIO CW series laptops to design and build a high power rocket. The rocket will be 25 feet tall, weigh over 500 pounds and be capable of reaching the stratosphere. It […]

Walgreens Wants To Celebrate Your Love

Walgreens is asking consumers to send in photos of themselves kissing as part of the chain’s Valentine’s Day promotion. Starting today, couples can upload their best kissing photo online at shareakiss.walgreens.com, or get their picture taken in-person at One Times Square. The image will then appear for all to see in Times Square. The billboard […]

Do You Look Good On Webcam? Then You Might Look Good To Playboy.

[via Larry Tolpin on Twitter]

Anybody Can Make A Super Bowl Spot. No, Seriously.

Pepsi isn’t going to air any commercials during the Super Bowl this year, but Frito-Lay, the $12 billion unit of PepsiCo will, via their annual consumer generated Crash the Super Bowl campaign. Last year, two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Indiana received $1million from the Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand for trumping the Madison Avenue-made commercials and ranking […]