Consumer Generated Super Bowl Spot To Air In February

According to Chevrolet’s press release from last Friday, college students from across the U.S. will compete to produce a Super Bowl spot for the automaker, giving consumer generated media its largest audience ever. The winning team will participate in the production process as their concept is developed and made into a 30 second television commercial. […]

User Revolts Rock Web 2.0’s Boat

Ad Age, an old guard media company, seems to relish the unrest experienced by two prominent online startups last week. It was a tumultuous week for new-media companies. First, the student social-network Facebook suffered an uprising in response to new activity-tracking features. Then, changes to’s algorithm for weighing and ranking news stories touched off […]

Reality TV Creeping Over To Church Channels

Consumer generated media is working wonders in Edmond, Okla., where Life Church, an evangelical network with nine locations in Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas is asking parishoners for their confessions. Spokesmen from the church quote Proverbs and believe confession is a road to salvation. Perhaps the holy men are right, but what if the 1500 […]

The Voice Of The Customer Will Be Heard

Matthew Creamer writing in Ad Age says: Product reviews written by real people are perhaps the most underappreciated slice of the consumer-generated-media universe, the explosion of which has captivated the advertising and media worlds. But as marketers fixate on getting their virals on YouTube and making friends on MySpace, these relatively unsexy product write-ups have […]

Coca-Cola Wants Consumers To Be Part Of Creative Process

According to ClickZ: The Coca-Cola Company has morphed its longtime corporate Web site into an international brand portal with user-generated content in mind. The new site, designed by AKQA, marks the first global integration of the company’s digital presence. It’s available in 26 countries and six languages, and will be promoted online and offline by […]

Rocketboom Goes Boom. Distress Signals Sent.

Note the upsidedown map Rocketboom, a new media company with a ton of fuel on board, lost a co-pilot and host, Amanda Congdon to Hollywood. Andrew Baron, the show’s producer, is now piloting the craft and looking for a soft landing. Washington Post tracks Rocketboom’s flight path: When Rocketboom started in 2004, young video producer […]

Etch-A-Sketch Mastery

One of the trickier negotiations at a busy American airport can be identifying one’s PowerBook at the gathering end of the security checkpoint. I put stickers on mine to make the process easier. But Dan Kurtz has a much more elegant solution.

Improper Use Of Packaging

Remember the guy from Arizona who built his own furniture from FedEx boxes? FedEx sued him for improper use of their packaging. Now, we have a new case of improper use of packaging. Two MIT students built a raft made from Gatorade bottles and paddled it across the the Charles River. After getting Gatorade’s attention, […]