P&G Asks Women What They Want

Today, P&G launched Capessa.yahoo.com, an online community for women. This is P&G’s first stab at consumer-generated content in the digital space. Here’s what they’re saying, as quoted in Businessweek: “This is not about selling products. It’s about better understanding of consumers and learning about their needs and habits,” said P&G spokeswoman Robyn Schroeder. “The more […]

“Amateur Spot” To Air In 2.4 Million Dollar Slot

Dorito’s Crash The Superbowl promotion is one of a growing number of Consumer Generated Content campaigns currently underway. Kristin Dehnert, the consumer who generated the content above says, “I’m a Location Manager and Scout for commercials as my paid day job but my true passion is writing and directing. My dream is to make directing […]

Visa Attempts Consumer Generated Content With Sports Site

Visa recently launched FanWithAPlan.com, a community-based sports-themed site initially target to the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Whistler, BC. I’m a bit curious about the future-focus of the site by looking towards 2010. Could it have more impact coinciding with say the college football bowl season or the Superbowl? But none-the-less jumping into anything […]

Penguin Introduces New Coloring Books

Penguin Books U.K. is introducing the consumer generated content idea to its book design. MyPenguin “Books by the Greats, Covers by You” currently has six titles available. More will be offered should the blank covers sell.

If There’s No Record, There’s No Youthful Indiscretion

Wired looks at a new startup promising to scrub unflattering data–that could foil potential job offers–from the internets. The mistakes you make on the internet can live forever — unless you hire somebody to clean up after you. A new startup, ReputationDefender, will act on your behalf by contacting data hosting services and requesting the […]

Consumer Generated Jewelry

There’s photo sharing, then there’s Spencer Moy’s photo cuff which take the concept to another, more personal level. Available at Smoy.net. [via Aprille Roelle at Kodak’s A 1000 Words blog]

Yahoo Bets On “The 9”

LA Times looks at Yahoo’s Media Group in Santa Monica and their search for DIY video talent. “The 9,” an online show that features sites and videos from across the Web, has become a quiet hit for Yahoo since it launched in July. As many as 6 million viewers a month watch host Maria Sansone’s […]

You Tube Bragging Rights Better Than Money

Ad Age looks at a burrito-makers consumer generated media campaign and the motivations for participation. Matt Eck recently constructed a 4-foot football-shaped burrito out of electrical tubing, chicken wire and aluminum foil. Why? He’s hoping to become one of those consumers who generate content for a marketer. The burrito came into existence as part of […]