User Rhymes With Loser

Rit Randle wrote to us this morning. He wants to share his new project Loser Generated Content. Thanks to the internet, everyone’s a publisher. Not bad, especially if you only got the grades to be a sandwich maker. And it’s not just that – if what you publish hits the spot, instant glory beckons. And […]

Get Me A Bucket

The world is going nuts for online video. How long this trend will last is hard to say, but it’s in full bloom today. The proof is everywhere. Tonight during the American Idol finale the plot thickens with a new 15-second KFC spot from Draft/FCB made entirely of consumer generated content. From the press release: […]

Positioning Deconstructed

Jackie Huba opens her latest blog post with a provocative declaration. Positioning is a marketing facade that paints a picture idealized by the marketer, not necessarily the customer. She then points to, a group of MBA students and alumni from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management who provide a view of the Owen brand […]

I Like Totally Love It

Random Culture points to an interesting “Digg for shoppers” site with a Valleyspeak name, To me, this this is the type of consumer generated content that has a future. It’s web-enabled word-of-mouth. Who better than consumers to share this type of information? This same standard can’t be applied to consumers making TV spots. In […]

HP Turns Ordinary Men And Women Into Filmmakers

Adweek looks at HP’s latest consumer generated content efforts. To whet consumer appetites for its digital cameras and notebook PCs, Hewlett-Packard is sponsoring a series of autobiographical mini-films at the Sundance Film Festival made with HP equipment. “We want consumers to feel like they too can be filmmakers,” said Doug Cole, director of entertainment marketing […]

Co-Creation Is Change. Change Is Scary.

Johnnie Moore and James Cherkoff have been putting alot of thought into co-creation, also known as open-source marketing. In fact, the two have put together a Change This manifesto on the topic. The manifesto is also available via their Open Sauce Wiki. Their manifesto gives 17 rules of the co-creation road, which ought to be […]

What CGC Really Looks Like

CBS Interactive isn’t going to fake it on Superbowl Sunday, they’re going to place a real consumer generated video on the airwaves. Mercifully, it will only last 15 seconds. The video above is actually one of the better contest offerings I viewed. It’s produced by a You Tube “pro,” with 64 homemade videos to her […]

Pytka To Direct Consumer Generated Spot

According to Ad Age, Joe Pytka–the most famous commerical director on earth–will deign to direct a spot conceived by a consumer of NFL football. Gino Bona of Portsmouth, N.H., is the winner of the NFL’s promotion that gave fans the opportunity to determine one of the league’s 30-second spots that will run next month in […]