Today (and yesterday) in Twitterverse: InVerge 2008

Since I suck at live blogging, allow me to offer a selection of Tweets from attendees at InVerge 2008 at the Armory in NW Portland, yesterday and today. Amy Goodman: “when was the last time an art director really cared to make a sale” #inverge Dan Harbison: Lots of graphs and talking print ad layouts… […]

When You Work @Wieden, You Wear It Proud

photo of Renne Gleeson’s shoes by Mark Coleman Last week on the plane to Atanta, I noticed the account guy from Wieden sitting in front of me was wearing Nikes. Makes sense. Today, during the opening presentation at inVerge, there was no missing Renny Gleeson’s red Nikes. During his talk, Renny also managed to mention […]

On Tap @ Inverge 2008

Renny Gleeson, W+K’s Global Digital Strategies Director, kicks things off at 8:40 am tomorrow morning at the Armory in NW Portland as part of Inverge 2008. This is his topic: CONNECTION: NEVER CLOSER TOGETHER, NEVER FARTHER APART? Interactive communications and digital technologies have birthed the greatest idea propagation framework in history. But when will our […]

South By Coverage

I’m attending SXSW this week with my colleagues from BFG. Discover our reporting on the panels, keynotes, parties, live music and Austin flavor throughout the week on the BFG Blog. You can also follow my Twitter feed and see pix on my Flickr page. I’m also adding content to Leftover Cheese, my music site.

Quills Shoot From Her Head

Trade show advertising isn’t exactly the sexy stuff ad people clamor to do. Which is too bad, because consumers have nothing to do but wander from booth to booth between cocktails. In other words, it’s the perfect time to engage the audience. The ad above (for an unknown intellectual property company) is part of Engadget’s […]

Really Smart People at MIT Actually Study Advertising. Weird, Huh?

CAMBRIDGE—Saturday morning’s opening panel at Futures of Entertainment 2 is wholly academic. Sam Ford, the moderator of this panel and one of the organizers of the conference says he found it interesting how one half of the participants here today come from the academy and the other half from industry. He also says many of […]

Reporting Live from MIT’s Media Lab

CAMBRIDGE—Sally Hogshead, author of Radical Careering, says we have much to gain by aspiring to be the dumbest person in the room. I think I may have achieved her lofty goal today, as I’ve surrounded myself with brainiacs at MIT—students, teachers and people from industry engaged in delivering and absorbing the densest information available on […]

Direct From NOLA

”Creative kids used to start bands. They’re starting brands now.” -Rob Walker Polygamous Wedding, the innaugural one-day “connection planning” conference that went off last month in New Orleans is now offering some of the presentations on their blog. The offering above is from Robbie Vitrano, principal of New Orleans’ agency, Trumpet. The presentation I’m nost […]