TED Seeks To Advance The Art Of Advertising (By Moving It Into The Realm of Content)

TED wants to nurture ads so good you choose to watch. Hence, its second annual Ads Worth Spreading initiative. According to TED, an ad worth spreading is a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes. What matters is […]

Map It Out

I’m speaking at Geekend Roadshow/DMA2011 in Boston tomorrow afternoon. At the end of my talk on “Paid Content in 2012 and Beyond” I will ask the content marketers in the room to create an editorial calendar. According to Ad Age, some marketers are already doing so. Mercedes Benz, Nestle Purina and Weight Watchers, are all […]

Relationship Marketing Or Bust

Kim Kadlec, worldwide VP of marketing at Johnson & Johnson, spoke at the OMMA Global conference on Tuesday morning in New York City. According to Marketing Daily, Kadlec said “the art of courtship” has been sacrificed to the speed of communications. “It’s overwhelming, but as marketers we have to shift from reach and frequency to […]

Paid Content In 2012 And Beyond

Geekend Roadshow is coming to DMA2011 in Boston next week. DMA is “the global event for real-time marketers,” and Geekend is DMA’s hot young date. It’s also the Savannah-based conference that my friend and former colleague, Sloane Kelley, is co-producing (and my former employer, BFG Communciations, is sponsoring). I’m traveling to Boston to speak on […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Jelly Helm at Portland Creative Conference

Editor’s Note: The following piece was written by Darby Burn Strong, who attended Portland Creative Conference on Saturday at Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland. The organizers kindly provided a press pass, and gladly honored it when Darby showed up in my place. PORTLAND—Unlike many conferences, where frenzied “participants” with bloodshot eyes scurry around maze-like super […]

Your Cre8con Discount Code: “AdPulp”

The Portland Creative Conference (aka Cre8con) is an interdisciplinary exploration and celebration of the creative process across various creative industries. The conference features keynote presentations from leading creatives who reveal their work and talk about their process, secrets, influences and inspirations. The event is produced by Oregon Creative Industries and takes place on Saturday September […]

Further Reflections On #BlogWell And SocialMedia.org

One of the things I learned at BlogWell— the conference I attended at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum north of Seattle this week–is the conference is attended mostly by members of SocialMedia.org–an organization I knew little about until this week. Now that I know more, I’m impressed. For one thing, I like their business model. […]

Make Stuff Up, Win A Prize

MUKILTEO—Co-creation–that ideal world where brands and customers play together to make something better than either party might achieve on their own–is the final topic of the day at BlogWell’s summer session in Seattle. Greg Piche, Social Media Architect for Clorox, describes the Clorox Connects project, where the company solicits new product ideas from the crowd. […]