Humanity, Do You Take Technology To Be Your Ever Loving And Faithful Wife?

PORTLAND–Adrianna Ballroom at SW 9th and Yamhill is a perfect room for weddings and wedding receptions, which is great because the 200 people gathered here for Delight 2012, a digital marketing event put on by ISITE Design, are intent on celebrating the union of technology and service. As Dave Tragethon, Executive Director of Sales, Communications […]

J&J Continues To Meet Its Customers At Common Points of Interest

There are 2,000 people, many from prominent client organizations, currently gathered in Orlando for the 2012 Association of National Advertisers’ Masters of Marketing conference. One client-side marketer of note, Kimberly Kadlec of Johnson & Johnson, said from the stage today, “We are responsible to connect with people in ways that are instructive and not disruptive.” […]

Be Fast And Fascinating (Or Be Gone)

How is technology impacting retail? Better yet, how are retailers adjusting to all the changes that technology-empowered shoppers are ushering in? Seattle-based retailer, Nordstrom, has created an Innovation Lab to answer these questions. Here’s a look at some of the work Nordie’s nerds are doing: The Innovation Lab was created with a simple mission — […]

Friday’s Keynote at Webvisions: “Whither Twitter?” by @Pistachio

PORTLAND–Twitter launched over five years ago, which is eons in Internet time. Yet, Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist at HubSpot and this afternoon’s Keynote speaker at Webvisions is here to say that the disruptive force that is Twitter has only just begun. Quoting Joel Lunenfeld, who works for Twitter, Fitton says, “Twitter is like an […]

Next Week In Portland, Share Your Vision For The Web

WebVisions is on next week in Portland. I know you’re busy making commercials and stuff, but why not push back from the machine for a day or two? Entering its 12th year, the conference kicks off with studio tours, parties and networking events on Tuesday, followed by one day of workshops and two full day […]

Not At SouthBy, But I Could Definitely Go For Some Guerro’s

I’ve resisted attending SXSW for four years in a row now. It’s easy to do when you have no corporate sponsor to pick up your flights, hotel, meals, taxi rides and bar tabs. The Integer Group first sent me to Austin in 2003, and that was a special time for me, personally and professionally. It’s […]

The 3% Conference Aims To Bring Female CDs Together

I’d say my advertising career as a copywriter has been a bit unusual in one sense: Most of the CDs I directly reported to have been women. But it’s not that way for most people, nor are many of the top CD slots at agencies held by women. To call attention to the issue, and […]

Direct To Boston

BOSTON–Direct marketers from agencies and client organizations near and far are in the house for their annual Direct Marketing Association confab. But that is not why I am here. I am here to geek out, thanks to an invite to speak on the future of paid content from the organizers of the first-ever Geekend Roadshow, […]