Lindsay Lohan Drinks Pepsi, Yo

Coolspotters is a new site that caters to the celebrity and brand obsessed. Pepsi is running ads under an exclusive argreement. Tech Crunch is saying nice things. And the firm’s CEO is blogging. Coolspotters is new. The launch is beta. Features will come and go, parts of the site will change – all of which […]

Looking Good In Hollywood Hair

Might you look good in Reece’s hair? According to Media Week millions of women are answering that question, and others like it, at InStyle. The magainze’s “Hollywood Hair Application” has caught on. Users have uploaded 1.7 million of their personal photos to the application, which let’s them see what they might look like with popular […]


Since Steve Hall is busy attending panels and such at South By, I thought I’d offer up a post in his honor. In PETA’s latest bid to arouse interest in the many sexy alternatives to leather, adult film icon Jenna Jameson — donning a black wig and pleather bikini — evokes screen siren Bettie Page […]

When They Own It, They Really Mean It

According to The Wall Street Journal, celebs, like agencies, are looking for a cut of the action these days. Rather than a straight annual endorsement fee for doing a TV spot or slapping their picture on a magazine ad, some celebrities and athletes look for deals that offer a bigger piece of the action. Rapper […]

Can K-Swiss Have It Both Ways?

Ukranian tennis star, Alona Bondarenko, appears suggestively in the new K-Swiss ad campaign. So what’s with the headline? It’s almost as if the brand is saying, “Hey, this is a tennis star, not a sex object.” Except they’re not. Toth Brand Imaging is behind the work.

Pfizer to Withdraw Lipitor Ads Featuring Dr. Jarvik

Following up a story we ran a few weeks ago regarding Dr. Jarvik and the use of a body double, Pfizer today announced that they are voluntarily withdrawing all advertising featuring Dr. Jarvik. From the press release: ‘…the way in which we presented Dr. Jarvik in these ads has, unfortunately, led to misimpressions and distractions […]

We've Never Heard This In The Halls of Adlandia

One may purchase this image on a t-shirt thanks to the good people at Wire & Twine. [via Merlin Mann’s Tumblr page]

New Flake Girl

Soul singer, Joss Stone, is working with Cadbury’s Flake brand to reinvent a classic campaign from the 60s and 70s. In the new adverts — which will be available on Cadbury’s site — Stone will be in a recording studio singing to herself the chocolate bar’s iconic strap line, “only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate.” [via […]