That’s all I have to say. George Carlin was the best. Nobody had a better understanding of the nuances of language. I can’t say I’m totally shocked–his last couple of specials on HBO showed him to be a little slower than usual. But I have at least 10 of his comedy albums and they’re wall-to-wall […]

Name the Players

Can you name all eight players in this ad, starting from the left? Inquiring minds want to know… According to The New York Times, the ad is part of a $15 million dollar TV, print and digital effort from Grey Atlanta on behalf of Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

Pearez Hilton Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

According to The New York Times, Unilever, which makes the margarine spread I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, has been running Spraychel Webisodes since 2005. Unilever’s digital media agency, Story Worldwide, created the Spraychel campaign.

No German Sedan For Old Men

David Griner, writing on Adfreak (despite the fact that he now works for an agency in Alabama), points to some nice work from Mercedes’ agency Abbott Mead Vickers in London. Josh Brolin stars in the spot above. There’s something very Cadillac–and theatrical–about this new campaign.

Lace Up Your Cons And Dance

According to Ad Age, Converse commissioned reclusive Strokes’ frontman, Julian Casablancas, to help celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. The home of Chuck Taylor is hoping a new song, “My Drive Thru,” featuring Mr. Casablancas, Pharrell Williams and white-hot indie songstress Santogold, can renew the century-old shoe brand’s status as the indie music scene’s footwear of […]

On-Color Humor

For more from Planet Green, visit their YouTube page.

Dior Drops Sharon Like A Stone

The New York Times points to the downside of celebrity endorsement. Christian Dior, the French fashion brand, has become the latest global company to learn a hard lesson about the danger of offending Chinese pride. Facing the possibility of a boycott of its products, the luxury company said on Thursday that it had dropped the […]

Feeding Bands And Music Fans Since 1953

Back in the day, I used to find myself at Denny’s late night, after a Dead show. So, when I learned that Denny’s is supporting emerging bands with it’s new All Night Diner campaign, I took note, for seldom do promotions fit the brand this well. The program called “Adopt-a-Band” provides free meals, promotional support, […]