A Clever Interruption Is Still An Interruption

Brian Wiener, CEO of 360i spoke about creating the “Agency of the Future” last week at the IAB Ecosystem conference in Carlsbad, Calif. Jodi Harris, senior editor at iMedia Connection, was there. To illustrate the need for affordable, consumer-centric innovation, Wiener related the example of “Amanda,” who was shopping in a Barnes & Noble store. […]

Brands Growing Desire To Serve, A Huge Boon for Experiential Marketing

Hey, it’s 4:23 PST and I haven’t talked about branded utility today. Time to fix that… The agency behind this McDonald’s service idea is Cossette in Vancouver, BC, where they practice something called “Convergent Communications.” Hey, as long as it creates positive brand impressions, I’m for it. [via Metal Potential and The Denver Egotist]

What Can Brown Do For Me? Brown Can Curate My Business News, For Starters.

Steve Rubel, lifestreamer and VP-director of insights at Edelman Digital believes in brand-curated content, as his latest Ad Age piece shows. …digital curation — both automated and human-powered — will be the next big thing to shake the web. There’s an evergreen need for those who can separate art from junk online. However, in this […]

Branded Utility Worth Paying For

Kraft has long helped busy people plan their meals. Now, the foods giant is helping busy people with an iPhone and $.99 plan their meals. Ad Age spoke to Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation-new services at Kraft Foods, about the brand’s decision to charge for their iPhone App. We look at iFood Assistant as a […]

Nationwide Is On iPhone’s Side

The question for brand managers used to be “How creative can you make your advertising?” That’s not the question anymore. Now the question is “How creative can you get when providing the solutions customers want?” That’s a big change in focus. Wouldn’t you say? [via NE Creative]

There Are Cash Registers In The Brave New World

Paul Isakson is in the branded utility camp. So am I, but allow me to point out the most important word in the passage below: As an industry, we have to stop just looking for ways to “build brands” through messaging and start looking for ways to actually help people have better days and build […]

Branded Utility Meet Transportation Infrastructure

KFC is filling more than hungry stomachs. The Colonel and his crew got started yesterday in their hometown of Louisville filling up potholes around the city. There are an estimated 350 such potholes in America–one for every man, woman and child. KFC also issued an open offer to mayors of cities nationwide, asking them to […]

Live from SXSW c/o BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo

BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo are teaming up to bring those of us not in Austin this week (or those too hung over to make it to a panel) some of the proceedings. Pepsi marketing execs are also blogging the conference. And the brand is providing PepsiCoZeitgeist, a Twitter visualizer. John Bell of Ogilvy notes, “while other […]