I Plan; Therefore I Am

Adliterate reveals the results of the fourth annual Global Planners survey from Heather LeFevre. | View | Upload your own note: click full view to see this presentation 798 planners from many nations participated in the study. Some of the key findings include: The majority of planners want to work for Wieden + Kennedy; planners […]

Fast, We Need A Strategy

Richard Huntington writes clean sentences and places them on his site, Adliterate, for our enjoyment. The business world has little time for the desperately bright, painfully academic, socially inept and ponderous planner. Indeed, in our time squeezed environment it is tough to make the case for strategy at all. See what I mean?

Brands That Occupy Physical Space Gain Mindshare

Planners are known to inhabit all sorts of out-of-the-way corners of the bloatosphere. They make up their own worlds in fact, wherein big thoughts are free to roam. By clicking around a bit in this realm, I managed to stumble upon Sarah of Digital Rain. She’s writing about The Method of Loci and how it […]

Give ‘Em Something They Can Actually Use

Members of the adverati are increasingly calling for branded utility. You might even say it’s a mantra for a new year. But what is it? What does it look like? And how might we sell it in? Benjamin Palmer of Barbarian said, “For the same budget and energy as we expend on current forms of […]

More Random Notes From The Account Planning Conference

There are only two types of Account Planners in America: Forty-something Brits and Twenty-something Americans. That’s it. I’m not sure if that bodes well for the future of Account Planning, because those British accents can really give any presentation an aura of legitimacy. This whole conference is awash in…greenwashing. From carbon-neutral ad agency networks and […]

Planners Planning To Use Blogs To Plan Their Plans

Today at the Account Planning Conference, Aki Spicer from the Fallon Planning Blog and Ed Cotton from Butler Shine & Stern’s Influx Insights led an interesting discussion entitled “Blogging the Agency,” encouraging Account Planners to start blogs, use the blogosphere to find unique voices and encourage clients to take advantage of blogs and social networks. […]

Coming To An Agency Near You: The Four-Headed Creative

Anne Benvenuto is executive vice president of strategic services at R/GA. In the May 2007 issue of Admap Magazine she wrote an article called “Planning: the challenge of complexity” which introduces her concept of the creative hydra and other new media challenges. The creative hydra was born when a few new roles were grafted on […]

The Bloatosphere Is A Planner’s Paradise

Cambridge-educated brand planner Richard Huntington wonders aloud on his blog adliterate if blogging is killing planning. The idea that blogging is killing planning is arrant nonsense. The main accusation is that it encourages people to share half thought through thinking. Well no shit, in a 2.0 world where you should always be in Beta test, […]