Optimize Your Content To Support Marketing and Drive Sales

Few bloggers keep me, or anyone else, interested for long. When one does it is worth noting. Geoff Livingston writes beautifully about marketing, and content marketing in particular, which is not easy to do. Given the level of noise in the sector at the moment, I appreciate his insights and skilled delivery all the more. […]

Do You Care Enough To Overcome Consumer Indifference?

“Fail harder” is a Wieden+Kennedy maxim. But if failure isn’t your thing, you can take the following advise from Martin Weigel’s, “How to (not) Fail” deck. Weigel is Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, and his deck neatly illustrates “the gulf that exists between marketing’s bouts of hubris and the consumer’s reality.” I particularly enjoy […]

Sustainable To The Core

Patagonia is an amazing company. Their founder is a great climber and outdoorsman, their products are awesome and the brand is one that lives its values on its fleece sleeve. So, it’s not all that surprising that the company is now asking its customers to buy only what they need, repair what breaks and recycle […]

This Post Is Not Brought To You By Bing, But It Could Be

Creativity editor, Teressa Iezzi, finishes her book, The Idea Writers, with commentary from Lee Clow and Jeff Goodby. Goodby’s the writer of the two, but Clow is Clow. On the topic of brand planning, for instance, Clow shows how he’s Clow: We have got to reinvent the intellect of our business. The intellect of our […]

10 Not So Litte Things To Help Turn Your Agency Around

As a help to brand planners everywhere, Gareth Kay, Director of Brand Strategy at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, has offered up 10 “little ideas” on his blog. Here they are: #10 – be interesting, not right #9 – get obsessed by games #8 – be a magazine editor #7 – break the tyranny of the […]

Plan To Move People

Bob Hoffman, a.k.a. The Ad Contrarian is at it again–the guy has a knack for stirring shit up. This time, he’s saying account planning “needs to crawl away and die.” Here’s his first reason why: Strategy is too important to be left to the strategists. Advertising and brand strategy ought to be done by the […]

Calling All Auditors

Lately, I’ve been wondering if anyone performs brand audits. It seems like it would be an important step to take, but I never heard of one taking place and I don’t know anyone who performs them. Of course, that could be a reflection of my unconnectedness. Or it could be that very few brand managers […]

Fear Not This Word: Commitment

On Slide 22, Paul Isakson says “Committing = building your brand on principles that never change.” It’s a wonderfully conservative notion for an unusually progressive brand. For instance, Patagonia achieves this.