Armstrongs Look To Ads For Freedom And Food

Heather Armstrong is one of the funniest people writing on the web. And her traffic is huge, which used to make me wonder why there was no advertising on her site. Recently ads started to appear on her site and in her RSS feeds. Yesterday she explained the reason for the change. My husband does […]

Chrysler’s Firehouse “Blog” For “Serious Journalists” Only

Steve Hall of Adrants wrote last week about Chrysler’s half-hearted entry into the bloatoshpere. Half-hearted because one must present MSM credentials to “qualify” to read Chrysler’s press releases. I mean, how late 20th century can you get? Detroit News: The blogosphere can be a jungle, as Chrysler is finding out. The U.S. division of DaimlerChrysler […]

Get Tested

If you’re feeling extra generous this Friday, why not take five minutes to fill out this University of Zurich graduate student’s Corporate Blogging Survey.

Making Tom Paine Proud

Wired: Some view blogs as being as powerful as the introduction of the printing press, ushering in a new age of citizen journalism. Others view blogging as a fad. What’s your take on it? Huffington: Simply put, blogs are the greatest breakthrough in popular journalism since Tom Paine broke onto the scene. I’ve been a […]

Stuck On Stupid

So it turns out Brownie wasn’t doing “a heck of a job” after all. Simply put, the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina showed us that if PR or advertising initiatives don’t take reality into account, they won’t work. When the gloriously badass Lt. General Russel Honore rolled into New Orleans to oversee military operations a […]

A New Marketing Service

“Anybody who pays big agency money to make blogs for them is either a fool, or is being ripped off. Just my opinion.” –Hugh MacLeod While I tend to enjoy Hugh’s take on things, on the above point I couldn’t disagree more. Time is money, even in this post-Cluetrain epoch. A well constructed marketing blog, […]

Demographics Are Like Coal In Newcastle

Henry Copeland of Blogads spoke to the IFsters recently. I like what he said here: Cutting edge advertisers are starting to realize that the game isnt’ just “buy ads on blogs” or “buy the blogosphere” but splicing your brand/service/ideas into specific networks of blogs, specific conversations, specific blogospheres. Second, a very few advertisers are realizing […]

Technorati Drinking Google Juice

Hugh MacLeod points to a new Technorati feature, where it’s easy to find blogs by category. In the Advertising category, Adjab is ranked atop the list. Whereas Adrants is not ranked at all. I expect that to change shortly, when Steve Hall finds out about this and enters appropriate “tags” that will lead to his […]