Win A Ribbon In The Soapbox Derby

New to the bloatosphere? Listen to Joi Ito. Hell, listen to him no matter who you are, regardless of your Technorati ranking. A number of people have asked me to help new bloggers by giving them advice. In retrospect, I was giving people very specific advice based on my personal style. I thought I’d share […]

Yo Vinny

Vinny Warren–the DDB Chicago copywriter responsible for unleashing Budweiser’s “Whassup?” dross on the culture–apparently has some anger issues to work through. Here’s how he recently introduced himself to the bloatosphere: This is a blog about creative advertising, Wow Factor style. Be warned. I know my shit and I’ve got mad skills. I’m doing this anonymously […]

How Peer-To-Peer Pays

Inbound links are commonly used to rank blogs by services like Technorati. The more inbound links a blog has the more status it enjoys in this ranking system. Clearly, it’s but one key factor, but this simple model has become a leading indicator for the bloatosphere at this early juncture. One blogger, Tristan Louis, compiled […]

The Word “Blog” Endures A Terrible Beating

The New York Times picked up the Weblogs, Inc. story today from Bloomberg News. The piece is so poorly written, I can hardly believe it appears in the Gray Lady. The America Online unit of Time Warner agreed yesterday to buy Weblogs, the owner of 85 Web sites that serve as hosts to the popular […]

Square Pegs In Round Holes

Hugh MacLeod: One thing you notice when you start attending the blog conferences and hanging around the more well-known and respected bloggers on the planet: None of them seem to take it very seriously. They just get on with it. If what they do works for them, it’s because it all comes naturally. But maybe […]

Cha Ching

Paid Content is breaking the story du jour. Jason Calacanis is selling his Weblogs, Inc. to AOL for up to $35 million US dollars. For Calacanis, this is his second company being sold in a space of about two years…his original company Rising Tide Studios was first sold to Wicks Business Information, which in itself […]

Where Brands Can Go With Their Blogs

Some smart people have recently asked me pertinent questions about the value of blogs for brands and branded communications. This is a rich topic–one we might spend days exploring at an expensive seminar on a tropical island. For our purposes here, I’ll offer a couple of scenarios to consider. Before I do, I’d like to […]

There’s Money In Them Shoes

Pro Blogger has an interview with The Manolo. In said interview said shoe blogger talks about revenue garnered from the site, use of the third person and other oddities. The ProBlogger – What are the main ways that the Manolo makes income from the Shoe Blog? The Manolo – In the order of importance, the […]