Nokia Product Information Yours For The Repurposing

There’s a new product blog on the block, and it’s not consumer-driven. It’s brand-driven. Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site Welcome to the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. Here you will find blogger and media information that you can repurpose and utilize in your blog postings about the N90. [via Micropersuasion]

Pajama Wearers’ Wages

Louise Story, writing in

Blogvertising Gets Big Time MSM Write Up

The above drawing by Hugh MacLeod jumped out at me this morning when I logged on to The New York Times. It’s part of Buget’s blogvertising campaign. Bloggers sure are moving up in the world. A couple weeks ago Steve Hall of Adrants gets mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Now, Hugh (who is not […]

Oddjack A Losing Hand

According to several reports, Gawker Media will shut down its gambling site Oddjack on Friday, December 2. Editor A.J. Daulerio was fired yesterday afternoon by Gakwer Media managing editor Lockhart Steele. Yanking Oddjack is the first such setback for Gawker Media, which has launched 13 other blogs since its inception in 2002. In response to […]

Mr. Magill No Likeee

Ken Magill writing in Direct joins the chorus of blog naysayers from MSM. (blogs are) The media phenomenon responsible for the publication of more self-indulgent nonsense than any other in the history of the world. Outside politics, 99.9% of blog entries are, well, horseblit with links to more horseblit. His word “horseblit” is meant to […]

Collectives Gathering Steam

Bloggers Blog features a comprehensive list of blog networks. Several of the networks in their list are MSM properties with a handful of so-called blogs. I don’t believe such “blogs” a network makes. But I digress. I’m interested in what the independent networks are doing, especially after Jason Calacanis showed the bloatoshpere the proverbial money […]

Blogvertising On The Rise

Steve Rubel suggests that marketers may begin chasing the long tail and begin placing ads on more and more blogs, given that inventory at the big portals is presently booked out months in advance. I agree that it’s a logical step, but it seems to me brands and their media buying partners will need help […]

Gawker Joins The Mainstream

Yahoo News will begin to feature content from Gawker Media. Which means the snarkiness found on Gawker Media sites like Wonkette and Defamer will now share equal footing with stories filed by MSM institutions like Associated Press. According to MediaPost, Scott Moore, Yahoo!’s head of news and finance, said the idea to add Gawker came […]