Anderson Believes Ads Too Are Spreadable

TED, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, today announces from the TED2011 conference stage the 10 winners of the inaugural Ads Worth Spreading challenge. In an effort to surface this year’s most gripping ads, TED asked its fans to submit videos that would move people to laughter, to tears, to take action, to want […]

ADDY Roundup

Having judged a few local ADDY shows, I know that the awards show is a point of pride for many small cities and ad communities. And last night, quite a number of shows around the country were held. First off, a big congratulations to our friend John January, Executive Creative Director of Sullivan Higdon & […]

Fast Company Makes A List Of The “Most Innovative” Companies In Advertising

Yes, that’s Grey and BBDO near the bottom. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

The Movie Experience Isn’t The Same Without Popcorn And A Theater Full Of People

Do you love movies? Of course you do, but do you love them so much you care how they’re made and who makes them best? Of course you do, which is why you don’t really need Movies on Demand from Cox because you’ve already seen the films in the theater. Or have you? Agency: Thornberg […]

Big Wigs Talk Up Cannes

Advertising people really don’t need to be persuaded to go to Cannes. If the agency foots the bill, they’re there. Be that as it may, the uber fest is releasing some anecdotal video featuring Bob Greenberg, Eugene Bay, Fernando Vega Olmos, Marcello Serpa, St├ęphane Xiberras, Nick Brien, Prasoon Joshi, Armin Jochum and Tom Beckman. Here […]

The Marvels of Vanity Search

How the hell did I miss this video from 10 months ago? DavidBurn from Brandcentral Web on Vimeo. The Tomorrow Awards’ judging process is different than most award shows in that it involves the participation of the entire advertising industry and beyond, not just a jury of a select few.

The Tracy Awards Looked For Bad Work. And Found It.

It might be shooting fish in a barrel, but The Tracy Awards found some of the worst ads of this year. Like this billboard, which uses Sizzler as a verb: See all the, ahem, winners, here.

Nice Lion, But What’s Your Pencil Ranking?

It’s not easy running an industry award show these days. There are too many shows and they’re too expensive. Agencies consistently submit fake work to game the system, there’s little new blood among the judges and teams are reticent to travel to elbow-rubbing ceremonies in NYC, London and Cannes in this economy. All of which […]