No Need To Hide, Just Make Advertising And/Or Content Worth Showcasing

On this week’s edition of The BeanCast — the best podcast about Marketing on the air — I claim that “Native Advertising” is the dumbest term that I’ve ever heard. And it is, but even worse than the term itself is the fuzzy thinking behind it. It’s no wonder that no one even knows what […]

Ask AdPulp: Who Do You Think You Are, The Times?

Q. “You want readers to contribute to the AdPulp Journalism Fund but what makes you think that AdPulp has real marketplace value?” -Upayme A. Thanks “Upayme” for the reminder about the importance of being highly differentiated, and to make sure everyone knows exactly what our points of difference are. The blogosphere is a big place, […]


Q. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with my A-level media studies coursework. I am a student at King Edwards VI school in Bury St Edmunds. I have a question that I have to research and was hoping you could give me some information or your opinions on my research question? My […]

Ask AdPulp: Navigating the Negativity

Welcome to the first installment of Ask AdPulp. The question came in anonymously and the answer here comes to us from a marketing veteran who wishes to remain anonymous. In the future, I’d like to spread the best incoming questions around to “Friends of AdPulp,” so we have a variety of voices adding value in […]