Louisiana: Come Home And Sweat

Watching the news this past week, I’ve been struck by a commercial for Louisiana’s The Road Home program, which is encouraging displaced citizens to return. The spot features a fellow who’s involved in rebuilding a house; he starts off seated on the home’s front steps. Then, as he gets up and walks, one can’t help […]

Candy Maker Dips Into Art History

To support the launch of M&M’s Dark Chocolate Candies, the brand introduced its new ad campaign at New York City’s famous Guggenheim Museum, with a print ad that interjects the “fun” of M&M’s into an admittedly dark masterpiece, Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream.’ The ad features “Red,” the iconic M&M’s character, unexpectedly playing hopscotch in the […]

Dude, You Tagged Your Wall

Pop culture gets absorbed by advertising everyday. Hardly a news flash. At any rate, I’m confident that Pop Cling’s brand of adhesive art will be reworked by a brand for its own purposes in the near future. If I were Pop Cling I would want to work with that brand, but I’m not Pop Cling. […]

Sex For Money

According to The Syndey Morning Herald, the man in the bear suit just banked $200,000–ten times what a “normal” photog might earn–for a Lee Jeans campaign. Terry Richardson, known for “louche imagery that blurs the lines between photography and pornography,” gets this kind of cash, because the competition is incredibly stiff in denim at the […]

Sex Sells…Condos?

The New York Times calls attention to some racy techniques to sell condos: The Developers Group, a sales and marketing firm, first departed from the tried and tame in January with an advertisement for the Hudson Condominiums near the Time Warner Center, which showed an image of the 20-story building accompanied by the statement: “You […]

Advertising As Cocktail Party: The Metaphor

Writing in BusinessWeek, Steve McKee offers a way of looking at advertising that I thought about a long time ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote down. Think about how you relate to most ads you see. You expect them to focus on themselves. You expect them to be loud. You expect them to […]

How’s Your Narrative Coming?

Ad Age has a piece on storytelling’s place in the marketing wheel. Storytelling in a business context is not about telling stories just for the sake of it. Rather, as rational and physical features are becoming easier to imitate, authentic storytelling is becoming a growing source of competitive power. All companies have authentic raw material: […]

This Land Was Hand-Crafted For You And Me

AdPulp has readers around the world, so forgive me if this comes across a little too insider-American, but July 4th is our Independence day. And it occurred to me that nothing’s more American than advertising. We live in a land where anybody can stand in front of a camera dressed up like George Washington, cherry […]