People See The Poetry That Is Colorado, People Book A Vacation To Colorado

How do agencies prove their worth and secure more client dollars year in and year out? In an acronym, ROI. When you can prove return on investment, or even strongly suggest it, client checkbooks open. Tim Williams of The Ignition Group, a consultancy devoted to helping marketing firms create and capture more value, argues that […]

Want The Perfect Digital Partner? Get Your Process Together

Peter Weiss is a veteran account guy, having served in leadership roles for Grey and Euro RSCG around the globe. Today, Weiss runs two companies, Weiss Ideas, which provides strategic direction to brands and Weiss + Mowery, a startup agency search consultancy with an emphasis on digital. Peter agreed to meet for coffee yesterday. We […]

When It Comes To Agency Search Consultants, Agency Execs Suspicious Yet Deferential

Adweek points to a new study from Mirren Business Development that reveals how agency execs feel about agency search consultants. One of their feelings is that the consultants could improve their services in the following ways: Stop the “cattle calls:” be more selective in the agencies that are being invited. Stop “process for process sake” […]