The Ducks Have Been Washed In Dawn, But PTSD Doesn’t Clean Up As Neatly

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in collaboration with the Ad Council today expanded efforts to continue to provide information, support and resources to individuals and families affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “While the immediate crisis is over, many Gulf Coast residents continue to need support as they work to rebuild […]

Levi’s, The Official Denim Of Young Female Activists Everywhere

Shape What’s To Come, sponsored by Levi’s, is a new online community where young women share ideas and opinions and connect with peers on topics such as art, media, fashion, music and social change as well as discover and pursue their passions to help shape their futures. “There’s a new spirit of action coming from […]

The Fish And Wildlife (And The Trillion Dollar Local Economy) Benefit From Commemorative Plate Sales

I’m far from a metrics freak, but I do enjoy learning about advertising that works. Therefore, I’m interested in the Hooray for the Bay campaign for Chesapeake Bay Trust by The Cyphers Agency in Annapolis, Maryland. The campaign sought to educate about Maryland’s Bay Plate, a license plate that consumers can buy for $20 whose […]

Collect Toys for Tots, Grind Fatburgers

In 1947, Toys for Tots was conceived in Los Angeles by Major Bill Hendricks of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. The Advertising Club of Los Angeles, now known as ThinkLA, was the first organization to adopt it on a large scale. This year thinkLA and its Toys for Tots Event committee put a competition together […]

Too Many Kids In The Streets

Families with children now make up three-quarters of the overall homeless population, double the number of kids and families in city shelters a decade ago. This Coalition for the Homeless ad was created pro bono by Rich Russo, Chief Creative Officer at Adrenaline and will run on donated airtime on TV stations in the New […]

Oxfam Gets Your Goat, Now Return The Favor

Oxfam works to end poverty by providing in-need families with animals, plants and skill sets necessary to empower them through sustainable jobs. This holiday season the organization wants to remind supporters just how chic buying goats, chickens and other livestock really is: It’s a tongue-in-cheek pitch, but it’s no joke. When you visit Oxfam America […]

Universities Brands Are Built, In Part, By College Football

I’m watching University of Oregon versus University of Arizona compete on ESPN right now. Which means I’m also watching these commercials from the two schools and the Pac 10 Conference.

Want Less Government? Then You Might Get Less Advertising

Last week, I posted about the New York Times article on government subsidies of cheese marketing. Well, the government funds quite a bit of marketing and advertising. So if we need to get government out of our lives, as many people believe (and our recent elections reflected), what would happen to the advertising industry? Here’s […]