Even though I send a ton of email everyday, or perhaps because I send (and receive) a ton of email everyday, I’ve begun to despise it. The Christian Science Monitor helps me understand why: In a world where businesses and friends often depend upon e-mail to communicate, scholars want to know if electronic communications convey […]

Technorati Has Company

Technorati is the de facto leader in blog search, but there’s a bright new kid, with a much clearner user interface on the scene today. Blog search engines look at how many incoming links a site has. Technorati says Adpulp currently has 811 links from 304 sites. On the other hand, Sphere counts 1323 links. […]

Bring All Your Skills To The Table Or Get Out

Adobe hosts a conversation between Khoi Vinh, Design Director for NYTimes.com and Jason Fried of 37signals. The entire piece is worth reading, but here’s one point I have to call out for all the copywriters in the audience: Q. You state (in Getting Real) that an information architect, for example, doesn’t make sense for a […]

This Stinks

Do you find it offensive to get on an elevator, or into any closed space, with a person who reeks of cologne? If so, you’ll want to steer clear of these indoor boards in Paris. According to Ad Age, Azzaro’s perfume diffusers ensure that potential consumers not only see the brand’s advertising but also experience […]

Have Spreadsheet Will Travel

Another spreadsheet application is unveiled. Big whoop. But hold on, maybe it is a big deal. The New York Times seems to think so. Stepping up its attack on Microsoft’s core business, Google plans to make available on Tuesday a test version of a Web-based spreadsheet program that is intended to make it simple to […]

Lay Your Vibrators On The Table

Bullshit Observer observed some bullshit first hand earlier this week. I’m sitting in a meeting today with the director of marketing, VP of marketing, and GM – all with their wireless handheld devices sitting on the table. For an hour it was one buzzing or beeping noise after another with those things. It was fun […]

Pardon The Disruption

Communications technology has altered the marketplace (and very nature of the game) in one industry after the other. USA TODAY takes a look at how the Realtor’s roll is being reshaped in the information age. “The Internet has done what no consumer advocate could ever do: It has reduced the distance between the consumer and […]

Social Networking…Hey, AOL Can Do That

Business 2.0 picked up rumors of the existence of AOL’s “MySpace killer,” due to launch in the next few weeks. According to reports, AOL plans to use its AIM instant messenger as a platform to jump on the social networking bandwagon. AOL program manager, Armughan Javaid, said the service “will be open for non-members, and […]