Coins In The McArcade

This Ad Age piece on retail fusion is a quick look at where fast food environments are headed. McDonald’s franchisees John and Karen O’Keefe watched sales flatline for most of the year at their store in Chicago’s suburban Woodfield Mall while other restaurants in the fast-food chain’s system pulled in gains of 2% or better. […]

Dogster Does Its Own Barking

Financial Times looks at Dogster’s move from Google’s AdSense to a proprietary ad inventory managed by the brand. “When I started I was hoping to make $500 a month from the small advertisers who were going to pay $50 a month for an ad,” says Ted Rheingold, Dogster’s founder. Today, he says, the site boasts […]

Build It And They Will Log On

Google’s business model is totally dependent on widely available interweb access; therefore, it’s not surprising that the search giant would undertake efforts to create free municipal Wi-Fi networks. USA Today has more: Google on Wednesday plans to offer free, high-speed Internet access to everyone in its Silicon Valley home town — a hospitable gesture that […]

Trust Is A Big Brand Builder

After AOL’s fumbling of privacy-rich search data, an act for which they’re taking a pounding, customer-centric Google is looking good in this USA Today article on the topic: Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a message for Google users: Your searches are safe. “Our No. 1 priority with our users is trust,” Schmidt told some 2,000 […]

Spam And Phishing Are Not Your Problem (Even Though They Are)

Grant McCracken, a man with a Ph.D. in anthropology who has taught at Harvard Business School, examines the way Microsoft and eBay avoid treating problems like spam and phishing that daily impact their customers and their brands. For some reason, Microsoft thought that spam was my problem. How cavalier. Apparently, the author and vendor of […]

Contractual Obligations Swapped Online

Cell Trade USA is the world’s first online community that gets dissatisfied cell phone customers out of their service contract. According to Smart Money: Many folks don’t realize that they can drop their cell phone contract without paying a termination fee, which typically runs as much as $150 to $200 per line. All they have […]

Fashion, Friend Or Phone?

“We are moving away from phones as tools to phones as companions,” Elise Levanto, Nokia’s senior consumer vision manager told Business Week. This may be true in Helsinki, but companions need to be alive, at least where I come from. I’m getting a bit chafed by all the “let the brand be your friend” rhetoric […]

ABC Wants Cat Put Back In Box

According to c|net, Mike Shaw, ABC president of advertising sales, is so hungry for days gone by, he’s willing to make idioctic utterances to journalists eager for just that type of thing. “I would love it if the MSOs (multi-system operators), during the deployment of the new DVRs they’re putting out there, would disable […]