Thumbs Of Fire

Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running for U.S. Senate in Texas. And she has something no other candidate can match–a book (about her campaign) written entirely on her Blackberry. Radnofsky claims she’s the fastest Blackberry typist in the West, and she proved it on ABC News, taking her challenger–ABC’s Mark Halperin–down hard. click to see the […]

Geeks Rule The World (Yes, Even Apple’s World)

I love the iTunes store and the iTunes application I use to play music everyday on my Powerbook. But I do not love the DRM imposition that limits what I can do with the music I legally purchase. Nor does Jon Johansen, the 20-something hacker widely known for helping crack the piracy protections on DVDs […]

Wave Your New Credit Card And Wave Your Money Goodbye

Somewhere, right this minute, some ad agency people are working on a credit card or retail store account creating ads touting the benefits of new credit cards that you don’t have to swipe through a machine. Here’s hoping they don’t sucker too many people into believing that these are secure transactions. From The New York […]

Companies Go Virtual/Where The Crowd Is

The New York Times offers a lucid look at Second Life and the rise of corporate activity therein. It has a population of a million. The “people” there make friends, build homes and run businesses. They also play sports, watch movies and do a lot of other familiar things. They even have their own currency, […]


Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Microsoft’s Iternet Explorer uses his blog to talk about the firm’s first major browser update since 2001. Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from We listened carefully to feedback from many sources (including this blog) and worked hard […]

Coins In The McArcade

This Ad Age piece on retail fusion is a quick look at where fast food environments are headed. McDonald’s franchisees John and Karen O’Keefe watched sales flatline for most of the year at their store in Chicago’s suburban Woodfield Mall while other restaurants in the fast-food chain’s system pulled in gains of 2% or better. […]

Dogster Does Its Own Barking

Financial Times looks at Dogster’s move from Google’s AdSense to a proprietary ad inventory managed by the brand. “When I started I was hoping to make $500 a month from the small advertisers who were going to pay $50 a month for an ad,” says Ted Rheingold, Dogster’s founder. Today, he says, the site boasts […]

Build It And They Will Log On

Google’s business model is totally dependent on widely available interweb access; therefore, it’s not surprising that the search giant would undertake efforts to create free municipal Wi-Fi networks. USA Today has more: Google on Wednesday plans to offer free, high-speed Internet access to everyone in its Silicon Valley home town — a hospitable gesture that […]