Industry to Kennedy: Restrict Us Not

Senators Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. and John Cornyn, R-Texas, along with 29 sponsors from both sides of the aisle, recently introduced a bill designed to significantly restrict tobacco advertising–particularly to minors–by giving the FDA authority over the product’s marketing. In the House, Reps. Henry Waxman D-Calif., and Tom Davis, R-Va., introduced a similar measure with nearly […]

AGs to A-B: “Underage Drinkers Can’t Click With”

I took note of an Ad Age article from last week about’s “Walled Beer Garden.” The piece questioned the effectiveness of the site. No matter how good content is, it has to be shareable, and that’s where the venture falls short. In, A-B and DDB, Chicago, have essentially created a walled beer garden […]

Jeff Chester Talks About The “Brandwashing” Of America

For a new podcast on Radio Talent Zoo, I interviewed Jeff Chester, the director of The Center For Digital Democracy and the author of Digital Destiny: New Media And The Future Of Democracy. Telecom companies, The 4A’s, and other organizations are continually lobbying Congress to relax rules and regulations that control the media. Jeff works […]

Apple Ignores Trademark Law

Homeowners Don’t Have A CLUE, But Insurers Do

This is really only tangentially related to advertising in the sense that we are constantly shown happy/safe/it’s-all-gonna-be-alright imagery from insurance companies in their advertising. But I didn’t know this: Insurers now keep records on the history of your home and use that info to deny you coverage. MSN MoneyCentral has more: Insurers increasingly are using […]

Carey Vs. Carey

According to China View, pop star Mariah Carey is worried fans could confuse her with American porn star Mary Carey. Mariah Carey filed suit Friday in Los Angeles to prevent the star of movies such as “Double Air Bags 11” and “Boobsville Sorority Girls” from trademarking her similar-sounding stage name. The adult film actress, whose […]

In High Stakes Games Of Semantics, Supreme Court Places Blame On FTC

According to USA Today, big tobacco saved a ton of money yesterday. The Supreme Court on Monday sided with Philip Morris USA, declining to disturb a court ruling that threw out a $10.1 billion verdict over the company’s “light” cigarettes. Last year, the Illinois Supreme Court threw out the massive fraud judgment against Philip Morris, […]

Federal Judge Says Online Stores Must Change

Inc. has an interesting look at website usability/access issues. Some online retailers are rethinking their websites in light of a recent federal court ruling that says they must by more accessible to the blind. In a class-action lawsuit filed in Berkeley, Calif., by the National Federation of the Blind, a federal district court judge ruled […]