Why Is ze frank Pitching A Tongue Brush?

Hold it, it’s not ze frank, it’s another guy acting like ze frank. “On your tongue!” Thanks Orabrush.

When The Intel Lacks Intelligence, Promoters, Not Pirates, Get Hurt

Kevin Hofman of hip-hop site OnSmash.com is bumming. According to The New York Times, OnSmash.com was one of 82 sites seized by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, due to accusations of copyright infringement and selling counterfeit goods. Problem is, Hofman isn’t a pirate. He’s a promoter. OnSmash.com and the handful of other […]

Hey, Middle Schoolers, Rum And Tattoos Are Cool

This out-of-home shelter ad for Sailor Jerry rum is located right outside a Portland middle school, which might be illegal and it’s clearly ill advised. Someone at TriMet likely messed up, although the media buyer at Quaker City Mercantile may need to accept some responsibility, as well. To show you what the school has to […]

Everybody’s Selling Something, Pretty Much All The Time

What did you just see in the Fox News segment above? Was it an ad? James Rainey of Los Angeles Times believes it is. And he reports that TV stations who have a legal obligation to reveal the relationship between a marketer and paid spokesperson, are failing to do so. According to Rainey, toy expert […]

Regulating Ads For Kids? Not So Fast

I’m not a parent, so I can’t personally testify to how well advertising aimed at kids works these days. I’m sure it’s a constant struggle for parents, many of whom I’m sure wished they wouldn’t have to deal with companies aiming their products at kids. But I know that marketing and advertising fights back when […]

AT&T Drapes A Disclaimer Over “Blanket” Commercial

Apparently, quite a number of people have noticed the similarities between the work of artists Christo and Jeanne Claude, and this commercial of AT&T entitled “Blanket.” Now, Stuart Elliot The New York Times reports that AT&T is adding a disclaimer to the end of the spot. Last week, after receiving from a reader an e-mail […]

Psychiatrists Call For Honesty In Advertising. Are They Crazy?

In Britain, the Royal Society of Psychiatrists is calling for a “kitemark,” or standards mark to be added to every digitally enhanced or airbrushed image. The BBC has more: According to some in the advertising world, that would mean putting a kite mark on every poster. Better perhaps for a kite mark to be applied […]

SCOTUS Decides To Open Up The Floodgates For Advertising

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a pending Supreme Court Decision that would allow corporations and unions to spend more freely to influence political races. Well they decided in favor of the corporations and unions. Here’s The Washington Post report: The Supreme Court threw out a 63-year-old law designed to restrain the influence […]