Honeyshed Shutters

“People tolerate advertising to get to the content. Well, I don’t see why advertising can’t become the destination and the content.” -David Droga David Droga, a well respected man in ad circles, took a big bet with Honeyshed–the content meets online shopping space he created with help from Smuggler and funding from Publicis. Unfortunately, it’s […]

May You Stay Forever Young With Pepsi

On behalf of Pepsi, Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas worked up bumpin’ new rendition of Dylan’s classic, “Forever Young.” Look for the full song to appear on iTunes soon. Hopefully, the iTunes rendition comes without the tag, “every generation refreshes the world.”

MacGruber Is Top Rankin’

Pepsi finished the night strong with MacGruber. You’ve got the Saturday Night Live skit, an 80s hit TV show and the star from that show, splashy graphics, a catchy tune, plus an inside joke about product placement. Well done.

Trust Us, Real Advertising Agencies Aren’t That Interesting

I’ll be watching the new TNT show “Trust Me,” which starts next Monday. The New York Times takes a closer look: “Trust Me,” previously called “Truth in Advertising,” is the brainchild of two former Chicago creative executives, Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, who are co-executive producers of the hit TNT series “The Closer.” They worked, […]

PlaceVine, The Matchmaker

Ads are direct come ons from another century. In the 21st century, brands need to connect through cultural currency. Which is well and good, but brand managers need to know where their next content opportunity lies. Their highly paid advisors may not know. On another front, independent producers are getting their films/projects made, come hell […]

Not Gonna Let Them Catch the Midnight Rida

According to Adweek, Unilever’s Axe brand is the title sponsor of Midnight Rida, a spoof of the 1980s kitschy television classic Knight Rider, which NBC is resurrecting in prime time this year. Created by maniaTV, the Axe brand often appears at the center of the story line. The series demonstrates a growing trend of having […]

Web Productions Become Appealing to More Marketers

Earlier this year I tried to work a product placement deal between Tiki Bar TV and a prominent spirits company. I was pretty excited by the prospects, but sadly it never went anywhere. Today, The Wall Street Journal details successful forays by brands into the land of web-based shows. The Journal points to “edgy niche […]

Take This Job And Film It

Examples of advertainment or brand-sponsored entertainment are cropping up at a regular interval now. Could it be, brands–consumer and B2B–are ready to embrace this form of content full on? I think yes, especially when you factor in the internet as an affordable distribution channel for the content. Navistar International Corporation, which markets a new long-haul […]