Brand Management No Free Throw

According to Sports Network, Miami Heat center, Shaquille O’Neal, picked up an advanced degree in Business Administration over the weekend. O’Neal was one of the 2,200 University of Phoenix graduates honored at the Forum in Los Angeles. “It’s just something to have on my resume when I go back into reality,” O’Neal said. “Someday I […]

Stuck In The Popcorn Line? No Worries.

New York Times: Hate being stuck in a movie theater with no choice but to watch advertisements on the big screen? Get used to it. Advertisers like these spots, and have been buying more of them. Movie ads are one more alternative to television spots, which are losing favor as TiVo and other digital video […]

Mos Def Pimpin’ Big SUVs

According to a GM press release, Emmy and Golden Globe award nominated actor and musician Mos Def, is appearing in a new African American targeted television advertisement introducing the new Envoy Denali SUV. The ad was created by Oakland, California based Carol H. Williams Advertising, which specializes in the African American market. Not everyone is […]

Dell Dude Bumped By Hot Rocker

Lewsis Lazare:: Sources confirm singer Sheryl Crow has been signed to star in upcoming Dell Computer commercials from DDB/Chicago, the company’s ad agency of record. One source said DDB executives were in London recently working with Crow. DDB referred an inquiry to a Dell spokesman, who declined comment. Commercials with Crow would represent a sharp […]

Too Sexy For Her Shirt

Ernie Schenck reports that recorded music from American pop diva, Christina Aguilera, is being used to torture al Qaeda big wig, Mohammed al Qahtani, into fessing up about 9-11, Osama bin Laden and anything else he knows about the terrorist organization. He says if it was up to him, he’d make the suspected terrorists listen […]

Mr. Potato Head Lands New Role

Fresh Inc. points to the Organic Trade Association’s inventive spin on Star Wars, called Grocery Store Wars. All characters in Store Wars are live-action food puppets

Failed WB Program Finds New Life On Yahoo

from New York Times: On broadcast television, the live-concert show “Pepsi Smash” drew only a modest audience, but Yahoo is betting that putting the program online will be a boon to its digital music offerings. Yahoo plans to introduce a section of its Web site housing a redesigned version of “Smash,” which as a program […]

Watch Where You’re Going, You Big Ape

Copy: Small but tough. Polo. Print work from DDB London. Thanks to Hidden Persuader for the image.