In Today’s Metrics Obsessed Media World, The Pressure’s On Print (And Every Other Medium) To Deliver ROI

Did you read about Meredith’s plan to guarantee its best print advertisers a sales lift from the ads they run in Meredith titles like Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies Home Journal and Family Circle? There’s a hint of desperation in the offer, but Meredith is limiting its exposure, which is probably a good idea since […]

No One’s Asking For Contextual Ads, But People Do Ask, And Pay For, The Help They Need

Writer, traveler and entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau, doesn’t like AdSense, the Google product that lets publishers place ads on their site in return for a trickle of change. Here’s a passage from his free PDF download, “279 Nights to Overnight Success”: Guillebeau doesn’t run ads on his site, instead he sells Unconventional Guides in eBook form. […]

The Vendor Client Relationship

You just know that they barely scratched the surface here: There’s plenty of material yet to be uncovered here…and agencies treat their vendors (photographers, printers) the same way the clients treat the agencies.

Motivate Like A CEO: Good Advice No Matter Who You Are

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I got a book by Suzanne Bates entitled, Motivate Like A CEO: Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! Because I’ve seen and heard way to many ad agency CEOs who simply have no motivational or leadership skills. They rule by fear, politics […]

The Key Word In “Selling Out” Is Selling

Does the topic of selling out hold any value for you? Personally, I can’t relate to the topic. I see it as something from another time. But maybe that’s me and maybe I’m strange. ShoeMoney, a guy who makes large buckets of cash from his blog is interested in the topic. He points to a […]

The Sexy Side of AdSense

image courtesy of Flickr user kk+

The Garage That Rocked The Web

USA Today profiles Susan Wojcicki in today’s Tech section. Wojcicki is the woman who rented her garage to two Stanford students intent on building a better search engine. Wojcicki is also Google employee No. 18 and the woman who invented AdSense. “It was a really novel idea at the time to serve ads that were […]