Nay Say All Day To Keep Ad People At Bay

Do you get tired of reading about how the ad agency business sucks, and how no one wants to work in advertising any longer due to the long hours, low pay and lack of prestige? Personally, I see many of these sour takes on the industry as little more than ill-informed attempts to fill space. […]

PointRoll Blows An Opportunity By Sucking On Ad Age’s Cover

When I opened my copy of Advertising Age today, I was confronted with this coverwrap from PointRoll. I’d like to think that if I were to create an ad that, by simple virtue of its placement, would immediately command the attention of every Ad Age subscriber, I’d do something a lot less, well, sucky. There […]

Sometimes The Ad Industry Gets An “F” In Decorum

After this week’s Ad Age article on GM CMO’s Joel Ewanick and his grading of Goodby, I started wondering about how everything in advertising seems to be pubic knowledge — and how we love to air our dirty laundry. Is it appropriate? I know that if I were the management at Goodby, I’d be pissed […]

Putting Bogusky–And The Ad Industry–On The Couch

Frankly, I think too many people are psychoanalyzing Alex Bogusky’s decision to leave CP+B. Dude’s got enough money to do whatever he wants to in life–simple as that. If he wants to make the world a better place in some way, going outside the marketing framework of MDC is probably necessary. But

See The Possibilities With The Ad Slider

This is very cool. To promote the 2009 Canadian Marketing Awards, you can play with The Ad Slider, which let you manipulate an award-winning ad in various stages of balance and imbalance between creativity and strategy. It’s a bit of an interactive riff on the classic 9 Ways To Improve An Ad.

The Brief Looks At The Ad Biz With Depth

I’m not sure who’s behind it, but there’s a new blog called The Brief that seems to have a leg up on many other sources when it comes to ad news and gossip tidbits. Today, they have a piece on Kansas City’s Bernstein-Rein: Bernstein-Rein has added three McDonald’s co-ops to its portfolio. B-R went up […]

The Garfield Brouhaha

Bob Garfield of Ad Age didn’t like reading about how his Super Bowl ad commentary was framed as “retarded” on the interweb’s most popular ad blog. So he did what any good citizen of Media 2.0 does—engage. Here’s the difference between criticism and whatever it is you and your commenters do: A critic makes judgments […]

HOW Redesign Vs. Adweek Redesign

Catharine P. Taylor wants to know what we think of the new Adweek site design. I’m thinking it might be instructive to compare their remodel to HOW’s new upgrade. In other trade rag news, something funny’s happening in the comments on Brand Autopsy’s “Would You Miss Advertising Age?” post.